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Pool and Snooker Lights

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If you’re looking for a low-hung light fitting suitable for use above a snooker, pool or ordinary table, then Franklite have a range of snooker and pool lights to give you plenty of ideas on providing the best illumination to a specific area. The lights in our collection can be used specifically for snooker and pool tables, as well as versatile lighting styles for other areas in your home where you may require low hanging lights.

What Are Snooker and Pool Lights

If you imagine a pool or snooker table, they require concentrated lighting close to the playing surface that generally comes from a central point to give maximum illumination during play. This prevents any unwanted shadows on the surface that could impede a shot. These styles of lights can be used to great effect for snooker and pool tables, but they aren’t limited to these uses in any way.

The term snooker and pool lights is a loose term associated with pendant lighting or suspended lighting that hangs low over a table. Pendant lights, like the Charter Pendant, demonstrate the typical design of a pendant light where they feature a small mount that attaches to the ceiling surface, with a cord, chain or wire that holds the illuminated part of the light fitting, which hangs lower to the ground. With suspended lights, such as the Woburn Pendant Drum, the suspended or floating light fitting tends to be much larger than the mount and can give greater illumination.

Where to use snooker and pool lights

As the name suggests, many pendant lights or suspended lights can be used above snooker or pool tables in homes, pubs, bars, snooker halls or leisure facilities, either as standalone lights or hung in pairs or multiples.

Naturally, the same principles can be applied to your everyday lighting too. For example, with lights like the Vadim 5 Light Fitting you can add a touch of elegance and sophistication above a dining room table in your home or restaurant with attractive pendant lights. Or perhaps you want a more rugged, nautical theme for your kitchen/ dining room, which is where lights like the Charter Pendant with antique copper finish work so well. They can also be used to great effect in other areas of your home, such as living rooms, above coffee tables or seated areas, providing the head height is factored in.

The Benefits

With suspended and pendant lights, there are numerous benefits to using them in your home. One of the great benefits of this style of lighting is the look it creates. Many of the designs, particularly the suspended lights with larger light fittings, can give a floating like effect, giving the appearance of the light hovering in the air.

Additionally, the use of snooker or pool lights allows you to create softer, more subtle general lighting in a room, whilst still providing good illumination in specific places, such as above a table or seated areas.

To find the perfect pendant lighting to light up your tables, check out our full range of Snooker and Pool Lights.

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