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Satin Brass Finish Lighting

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The Diversity of Light

It doesn’t matter whether you’re choosing lighting for your home, workplace or hospitality venue, having the right style of lighting can transform a room from an ordinary space into a magical one.

At Franklite, we have a huge range of products that are suitable for a wide range of locations and tastes. Highlight your décor, brighten up your office or create mood lighting for a cosy and intimate feel – the possibilities are endless!

Stylish and decorative lighting, doesn’t have to just be for the extravagant buyers, you can add a whole new dimension to your space with effective lighting that’s practical, elegant and affordable. For more guidance on Home Lighting Design, see our Guide to Personalised Home Lighting Design.

A Personal Touch

From contemporary to classic designs, you’ll find a diverse collection of lighting options available with the possibility to define your search by a number of helpful product indicators, such as fitting designs, style preferences and finishes. Deciding on lighting is a very personal choice, so if you’re looking for a specific style of lamp or fitting design, you can easily search and find the right items just for you.

Light Up with Spotlights

A great way to create a funky and modern feel that’s perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and working environments is with well-placed spotlights and we have plenty on offer. Available as individual lights, clusters or strips, many of these lights like Bobble Spots, can be wall or ceiling mounted depending on where you need the light to be. They easily adjust, allowing you to direct the light exactly where you want, whether you want to give better visibility for food preparation, ensure sufficient lighting for offices or retail units or highlights particular décor or items on display in a room.

Technical Details

If you’re planning on lighting a large area and want to make sure you have just the right light levels to create the perfect ambiance, maybe in your dining room or perhaps in a restaurant or bar, we also give the option to select technical preferences, which include the number of lights, different types of lamps and bulbs, as well as specific dimensions and dimmability, which can be a great option to have to enhance the mood in certain venues or rooms in your home. A fabulous choice for large spaces include opulent chandeliers or attractive flush lights, like this Carillon Flush with Glass Rods.

The Perfect Finish

We also have a wide selection of product finishes available, which suit almost any décor. For a contemporary and timeless elegance, the popular metallic, brushed metallic and polished metallic offer a great solution. These styles work well across the board, whether you’re looking for living room lights, hallway lights, bedroom lights or office lights. The beauty of metallic finishes is that they are durable and long-lasting, and easy to maintain. However, we also offer a number of glass, coloured and antique finishes that can help to create a unique look.

Special Features

As well as a number of technical specifications, style preferences and finishes, we also have feature light fittings available, such as Double Insulated lights, which are ideal for use in older properties (pre 1970s) where an earth wire isn’t present in the electric wiring. And we also stock a selection of SELV Lights (Safety Extra Low Voltage), which are great for use in bathrooms, wet rooms and even showers.


Whatever you’re looking for when it comes to lighting, Franklite is sure to have just the right style, specifications and fitting designs to suit your needs from floor lamps to wall lights.

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