Antique Chandeliers

First, a history of antique chandeliers: the first style of chandelier light are thought to be from Medieval times and were a basic wooden cross, joined in the middle and hoisted to a height which would enable the candles to illuminate a wider space than a burning candle on a table.

In the 15th century basic ‘ring’ or ‘crown’ designs were used and not until the 18th century did chandeliers become the multi-arm fittings we are used to today. In the mid 19th century they were illuminated by gas and in the 1890s electric lighting became available. At that stage many antique chandeliers were powered by both gas and electric.

It is generally thought that an item becomes an ‘antique’ when it is 100 years old. Therefore a true antique chandelier would be unlikely to be wired for today’s electricity supply. For this reason we mostly choose antique ‘style’ chandeliers when furnishing a period property, especially if the property dates back to the Georgian era.

A late Victorian or Edwardian property may well benefit from the genuine article as far as antique chandeliers are concerned, but a re-wire may be required to ensure safe installation.

Franklite offer a wide range of antique-style chandeliers and, although not authentic, they are manufactured and wired to comply with modern standards and are therefore a more convenient option for the period style property. The iron chandelier or the traditional brass chandelier make a perfect finish to any period style property.

The phrase ‘antique chandeliers’ is a constantly changing concept. It is only a matter of a few years until lighting from the 1920s Art Deco period become officially antiques and many of those are quite usable today. Franklite’s ‘Tiffany Glass’ ranges fit perfectly with the 1920s themed style decor.

An antique chandelier can be a thing of great beauty and even historic importance. However, if purchasing a genuine antique make sure a qualified electrician checks it out before installation.

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