The Best Lighting For Living Rooms

Although lighting is often viewed simply as a practical solution for interior design, it also plays an important role in the decorative aspects too. This is none truer than in the living room, which is the heart of every home for relaxing, socialising and much more in between. The living room requires careful consideration for lighting to get the balance just right, which is why at Franklite we want to help you find the perfect solution.

Get inspired

With a huge range of living room lights on offer from grand designs like theBrocade that give dazzling effects, through to simple and contemporary styles like the Abstract, you’ll find plenty of inspirational light fittings to suit your requirements.

But beyond our stunning collection, you can find an abundance of living room lighting ideas that will help you narrow down the selection and breathe a breath of fresh air into your living room design. Making use of online websites like Pinterest and Houzz, as well as interior design magazines such as Ideal Home or Homes and Gardens can also provide additional ideas on how to choose the best lamps for living rooms that doesn’t just limit you to one particular style of lighting.

Mixing it up

To ensure you have the perfect level of lighting in your living room that not just suits relaxation for a cosy night on the sofa, but also caters to those times where you’re using your lounge for socialising, it’s best to think about installing several different types of lighting.

On the one hand you want it bright enough to entertain, but not so light that you can’t relax and unwind after a long day, which is where using a variety of light fittings that combine ceiling lights with the use of wall lights or floor lamps can provide you with a much more flexible lighting solution.

Different types of light fixtures

Most living rooms will benefit from having a central light fitting on the ceiling, but the best ceiling lights for living rooms don’t just have to be the typical hanging lampshades, as there are numerous different designs for both large and small living rooms. Take the fFlush or semi-flush lights like the Lucera orNebula that work really well in small or low ceiling areas, but still provide a focal point in the room. While for higher ceilings you can opt for larger designs that hang lower like the Monaco or the Spirit.

But many of the designs on offer in our living room light collection are also available as different light fixtures. So you can complement your ceiling lights with the same wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps for consistency in style and greater versatility for mood lighting. For the best living room lamps and wall lights with matching ceiling lights, we have some stunning designs like theTwista or the Artemis and so much more.

'Watt' to consider

The other aspect to consider with creating the perfect ambiance in your living room is the type of bulb and wattage you install. It’s important to remember that not all bulbs emit the same level of illumination and certain light fixtures are designed to take specific bulb types to provide brighter or more diffused lighting. In areas such as the living room, you’re less likely to require directive task lighting, so opt for bulb that emit less lumens. If you did require task lighting for reading, a great way around this is with the use of a table lamp or floor lamps, like the LED Mother & Child Lamp.


If you’re looking for the best lighting ideas for living rooms, then let Franklite shine a light on the situation. With over 40 years in the lighting industry, we have the right expertise and product range to find the best living room lights just for you. 

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