The Best Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to outdoor lighting, it isn’t just about adding additional security and visibility in the dark, it can also be about enhancing the appearance of a building too. At Franklite, we have a vast selection some of the best outdoor lighting on the market that will give you plenty of choice, quality and great value for money.  

Finding the right outdoor lighting ideas

However, with such a wide choice, you may find it beneficial to look to other places for inspiration as well. This will help you decide on the right look and feel for your outdoor lighting and your requirements. A well-positioned outdoor light will not only provide practical illumination, but can also make a real style statement – highlighting certain features in your garden or home.

This is where taking a peek at interior and lighting design websites such asPinterest and Houzz can give you an array of different ideas for how to maximise your outdoor lighting. While style guides and articles in magazines and newspapers like the Telegraph or House to Home can also give you plenty of food for thought.

Where to use outdoor lighting

Exterior lighting can be used in a variety of locations. The most common position would be to use them as a welcoming beacon at the front or back door to your home or pathways up to your house. With the best outdoor light fixtures like the Barbican Flush Wall Bracket, which is specifically designed to withstand exposure to water, dust and moisture and comes with an IP44 rating, you can illuminate the outside or your home and have a stunning decorative feature.

Alternatively, our designer outdoor lighting can be used in the garden, strategically placing them to illuminate walkways or certain features when the sun goes down. With the best outdoor lights you can give your garden a warm and welcoming glow any time of the day. And using free-standing lampposts like the Boulevard Half Post or Lorenz gives you flexibility to position them exactly where you want them, be it on pathways, driveways or flower beds.

If you like to dine outside in the summer, you can create the perfect al fresco dining area with well-placed decorative outdoor lights like the Giardino orRotunda, which emit soft diffused lighting. Or if you’re looking to highlight specific areas on your patio, exterior wall spots like the Nocturna adjustable IP54 allows you to direct the light where you need it, and also comes with motion sensors that can alert you of a movement in the darkness.

What to look for with outdoor lighting

Speaking of added security, this is one of the key benefits to installing high quality outdoor light fixtures, as a well-lit property can be a deterrent to unwanted visitors. Some of our best outdoor lights have additional security features such as motion sensors and vandal resistant lenses so they can’t be easily tampered with or damaged.

In addition to security, it’s also important to make sure your outdoor lights aren’t draining on your energy consumption. This is where choosing a cost effective LED outdoor light can be a great choice. With a selection of the best LED outdoor lights, like the Exterior LED EXT6568LD, you’ll find your outdoor lights will not only last for longer reducing replacement costs, but will also consume less energy.

A final consideration when choosing the best outdoor light fixtures, is to always ensure they are specifically designed to for outdoor use, as they will naturally be exposed to water, damp and dirt. With Franklite, you can have peace of mind that all the lights featured in our Outdoor Light collection are IP rated for use outside.


With over 40 years’ experience in the industry, we always strive to offer our customers expert advice and the best outdoor lighting in the business.

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