Brass Chandeliers

Originally, chandeliers were manufactured from a cross made from 2 pieces of wood, nailed together and holding a candle. Gradually progressing on through gas light and finally the electric light fittings we know today. Franklite offer a huge chandelier light range to suit all applications.

Chandeliers, meaning a multi-armed light fitting for ceiling fixing, are now manufactured from a huge range of materials but, along with crystal, brass is the ultimate in quality and longevity. Franklite have been manufacturing genuine brass chandeliers for 40 years and customers who purchased from us in the early days say they still look as good today as when they were first purchased.

There are not as many genuine brass chandeliers on the market today because the price of raw brass, like many other commodities, has spiralled. Franklite still offer many ranges of ceiling light and wall light made of brass and we only market the lights as ‘brass’ if they are genuine brass. The majority of light fittings available today are a ‘brass finish’ so this is a case of ‘buyer beware’. Our ‘genuine brass’ icon in the Franklite catalogue will ensure you get exactly what you have chosen.

The Bacchus range of Spanish cast brass chandeliers is, and has been for many years, one of the best selling ranges at Franklite. The other Spanish cast brass range, the Zamora, is a more recent addition but is manufactured to the same exacting standards. We also offer the ever popular Flemish style of brass chandelier and several suites of brass light fittings with lead crystal glasses, something we conceived many years ago and still sell well today.

Contact one of Franklites approved retailers who will be able to give you first class information regarding all Franklite brass chandeliers.

Remember, when choosing a Franklite brass chandelier, make sure you love it - it will be around for a very long time!

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