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Chandeliers are one of the most luxurious items you can add to your home; acting as statement pieces that make a memorable impact on any space. From large and highly impressive, to small and delicate pieces, you can find a chandelier to fit your space. At Franklite, as the leading Chandelier manufacturer in the UK, there are so many different styles and materials you can choose from. Whether highly polished crystal or glass with sliver, gold and wrought iron, whatever you choose you can guarantee your chandelier will ooze class.

Does your living room, dining room or hallway need a distinctive, classic lighting fixture that really has the wow factor? If so, a chandelier is the perfect choice. Placing a chandelier over the centre of your dining table, for example, gives the room a sense of grandeur, perfect for wowing dinner party guests. Similarly, one in the entrance hall of your home will give a great first impression to visitors.

As a long-standing supplier of chandeliers, here at Franklite, we know our lighting inside out and have created some the of the best pieces available for your home. Within the range, we have chandeliers finished in metallics (brushed, polished and satin), a range of colours, glass, and, of course, traditional antique chandeliers. The Aphrodite FL2279/10, for example, is a 10-light fitting in highly polished chrome and crystal candle pans. This classic piece is an opulent, elegant fitting suited to large living rooms, large open hallways and dining areas.

If you’re looking for something more modern then the Carillon FL2093/8 is a 500mm square 8ltr flush smooth fitting with glass rods suspended from a chrome finished ceiling plate. This show stopping piece would bring an element of luxury into a contemporary home.

As you can see, we have a myriad of options available that would suit any style of décor. Why not browse our chandeliers to choose one that would suit your space to perfection?
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