Contemporary Chandeliers

The dictionary definition of a chandelier is ‘a light fitting with multiple ‘branches’ and this being the case, most light fittings loosely come under the ‘chandelier’ banner. Franklite offer a wide range of contemporary lighting applications and our network of Approved Dealers will be able to offer guidance on the correct fitting for your requirements.

Modern houses tend to have low ceilings and this can cause a headache when shopping for lighting. It is always advisable to measure the available drop before attempting to purchase. Bearing in mind that although ceilings are getting lower, people are getting taller and therefore it is advisable to leave a minimum of 2.1m from the floor to the bottom of the light fitting.

Many contemporary chandeliers have been designed with this in mind and the majority of Franklite modern chandeliers have been designed and manufactured with a chain suspension which can be totally removed prior to installation (rather than simply shortened) without compromise on aesthetics and thus making the depth of the fitting as short as possible. In some cases the ceiling is so low that the only solution is a flush fitting. This could be a circular or square light which fits close to the ceiling and normally has a glass or shade covering the light source. These styles need be no more than 100mm in depth. Franklite’s Marquesa range has crystals set in metallic circles on a flush ceiling plate and these come in at 150mm and have matching pendant lights. There are many contemporary ‘chandeliers’ being manufactured now which simply have groups of crystal drops or multiple glasses attached directly to the ceiling plate and these have an average depth of around 230mm.

Of course not all properties have space restrictions and there are many more contemporary chandeliers with drops of 1m or more. If ceiling height is not a concern the choice available from Franklite is as endless as your imagination. Regardless of the amount of space, Franklite can offer an attractive contemporary chandelier to suit.

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