Front Room Lighting Ideas

The front room or living room is a key area in any home. It’s not only a place for relaxing and unwinding after a busy day, but also a space that’s used for entertaining and socialising. This multi-function puts a greater emphasis on finding the perfect lighting to suit both specific uses, as it’s likely that when you’re watching television you want low lighting that’s conducive to relaxation, whereas when you have guests you might want brighter illumination.

This can pose a dilemma on which type of light fixtures will work best in your front room to do both, but no one says you can only have one type of lighting in your front room. At Franklite, we are here to help you find fantastic front room lighting ideas and gorgeous light fixtures that will tick all the boxes for practicality, quality and aesthetics. With over 40 years in the lighting industry, we’re expert suppliers for home lighting and will always ensure you make the right decision.

Great ideas for front room lighting

With lounge lighting there are endless possibilities, but honing in on one particular idea or style can be a struggle as there is so much to choose from. However, a great place to start is to do a little research on website like Houzzor Pinterest, as well as interior design magazines like House Beautiful or Real Homes. This will help you identify which styles and designs you like, as well as which ones will actually work in your living room. For example, if you have low ceilings or a small front room, you may have to rethink installing a large light fixture like the Ambience. But you can still have an attractive centrepiece with a flush or semi-flush design like the Chantilly instead, which won’t impede on head height as much or alternatively opt for multiple wall lights and matching table or floor lamps like in the Lutina range.

Finding your style

With a bundle of great ideas for front room lighting, it’s now time to find the style of living room lighting that suits your needs and style tastes. At Franklite, we offer a huge collection of front room lighting that spans from classic styles like the Miami, to vintage chic lanterns like the Montagu all the way through to funky contemporary styles like the Protea or Tableau. If you have modern interior design, then sticking with modern lighting fixtures will tie everything together. Whereas period properties with traditional décor will most likely work best with traditional styles and designs.

Careful considerations

Before you dive in there are some considerations with front room lighting that that you should account for. First and foremost is the size and height of your room. If you’re sold on having a stunning central ceiling light like theValentina, but you don’t have a huge space to work with, you can find an ideal compromise with a flush or semi-flush fixture instead. Complement it with wall lights and you’ll have the best of both worlds with a beautiful focal point and the flexibility for diffused lighting when you need it.

Furthermore it’s important to consider where you place the lighting. Poorly positioned light fixtures won’t provide maximum illumination and can affect the look and feel of the room.

With a single ceiling light, ensure it’s central in the room to deliver even illumination; it’s also possible to place multiple lights in a symmetrical positions for better illumination in larger areas. When it comes to wall lights, table lamps and floor lights these should be positioned in areas where you want to give softer light or accentuate certain features and create a warm glow for cosy nights on the sofa.


Whatever style of front room lighting you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it at Franklite. With hundreds of designs, you’ll find all the inspiration you need.

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