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Your ideal home

“Light is architectural. It is sculptural”, as visual artist Robert Wilson once said. More than illuminating a building, lightning can turn a house into your cozy, dream home. With the ideal lightning, your home can become the place in which you can willingly do daily tasks, have fun or relax after a long day.

Providing you with help to create an enjoyable atmosphere, UK manufacturers Franklite offer a large variety of quality decorative lighting. From elegant, vintage ceiling pendants to modern table lamps and from brightly coloured decorative interior lights to simple outdoor lights, everything is accessible. By choosing the right lighting products in the collection you can give a house its unique look, according to your own personality.

How to efficiently and safely install your products

Surely, you will invest an amount of time to make your home secured. The design of each room is important but safety always comes first. In general, Franklite products such as Wall Lightings can be implemented almost everywhere. As you know, only professionals ought to attempt electrical work.

Also, be aware that the procedure is slightly different for bathrooms and kitchens than it is for the rest of the areas in your house. When it comes to bathrooms and kitchens, where direct lighting is vital for more practical reasons, it is essential to pay attention to the specificity of the products. At Franklite, you can find lights that are explicitly created for use in bathrooms and kitchens, as they meet current UK building regulations for maximum safety.

When installing light fittings in the bathroom, you should choose the types that are manufactured to be resistant to varying levels of water, moisture and steam that naturally occur. Also, to reduce the chances of electric shocks, the products should give additional safety and protection when the lights come into contact with water.

It is useful to know that the bathroom is divided into three zones: 0, 1 and 2, which dictate the type of lighting required. All the lights fittings for the bathroom should be IP44 or above, IP standing for ‘Ingression Protection’. At Franklite, we offer a full selection of IP44 Bathroom Lights, such as the practical Bathroom LED Wall Light.IP44 or a 300mm Circular Flush IP54, suitable for bathroom zones 1 and 2.

When speaking about the kitchen, if you have either a small one or a more modern, multi-functional space for more than just cooking, same safety regulations must be applied. As it happens with the bathroom, the kitchen is also considered a ‘special’ zone, due to its proximity to water. Thus, according to the electrical installation rules in the UK, you would be advised to use IP rated lighting in some kitchen areas. The more ‘sensitive’ areas are the ones around the sink and above cookers. For your kitchen, we recommend you the futuristic CF5764 LED x 5 IP44 Flush Fitting, or an elegant Ambience 6Lt Pendant fitting in bronze finish.

Setting the scene

Each room has a different purpose and style, according to the owner’s preferences. Some people prefer a warmer, playful tone to the room, with golden or orange lighting shades, as offered by the Vivace Orange E27 Shade. Others might choose modern ambience lights or simple Crystal Downlights, matched with one quirky Frenzy 1Lt Table Lamp.

Of course, Franklite has products which mix both practicality and aesthetics, so you can create the concept of lighting with personality in your own space. You can be the best designer if you just pay attention to some simple aspects. Whether your house is more spacious and airy or a smaller, intimate home, you can transform it into a special place that fits your preference. You can either have low or high ceiling rooms; equilibrated or more eccentric tastes. Just look into the Franklite Product Catalogue and find more edgy styles of lighting, such as the Campani fittings and the Babylon collection, or more royal-like fittings, such as those in the Chiffon and Charisma collections.

It is scientifically known that colours and different shades have a psychological impact on people’s behavior. Therefore, if chosen and combined with care, bright and ambient lights have the potential to completely change the mood of the room. A more neutral, white light can make your room seem clean and neat, while a colourful light can turn your room into a joyful place. Another important aspect is that the lights should not be too powerful, in contrast to the natural light, so it can be easier for your eyes to adjust from one medium to another. See all our offers in the ‘Indoor Lights’ category to make the right choice according to your preferences.

Transforming your room can also be challenging, but if you are in for something new, try our indoor products with confidence, and see the What’s New category, in the Products section of the site!

What about the bulbs?

Also, make sure you are using the right light bulbs! They can make the difference between a safe and enjoyable lighting experience and a big disappointment. The light bulbs are supposed to be resistant, so they won’t keep blowing easily, and should provide enough light, in all directions.

You can find bulbs for Wall and Ceiling Lighting that are energy efficient and durable. Two main types of low energy light bulbs are: Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). LED lights are very cost effective and energy efficient, but also safe, as they emit very little heat. SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) lights are also part of the range. The new light bulbs consume less than in the past so the strength of the energy-saving light bulbs is expressed in Lumen.

Franklite uses the latest innovations in LED technology and creates products that meet all your expectations. You can take a look at the Lamps category in the Products section, to observe which products seem better to fit into your grand designer plan.

Your personalized lighting plan

When thinking about a lighting plan, you must take into consideration various aspects. Some rooms can double up their use. For example, you might have a living room which is also a dining room, or use your bedroom as a study room, too. So, if lighting modifies the aspect, it must also work hand in hand with the specificity of the room. You might need practical, but also stylish lights to create your own oasis of peace and a welcoming atmosphere for your loved ones.

Firstly, you ought to pay attention to what is displayed in the room. Everything is important: each small detail creates the ensemble in the end so you might just want everything to be perfect! Maybe you are fond of art and have paintings or artwork in one room, to enhance the uniqueness of the room. You might, then, want to handle it with care and place one of our LED picture lights above it, thus creating a minimal art gallery in your own home.

It is suggested to focus on the furniture and other ornaments in the certain room, because you can complete the design of the personal space using lights. The room in which most people spend their day with friends and family is the living room. Whether having futuristic, modern furniture or classical, wooden furniture, we can recommend our products in the Living Room Lights section, which will wholly match the rest of the mise-en-scene! Franklite proudly presents product collections such as Abstract, Fusion, Harmony, Royale and Starz.

Some people keep sensitive plants, easily affected by light in numerous ways. Sometimes, plants are not placed in a sunny area; therefore artificial lights can replace natural light. Plants are influenced by the intensity, colour and the amount of light they receive, so we recommend a more natural light around plants, like our Franklite Spotlights with neutral and soft tones.

It is important to know who uses the certain room. As lights and colours impact us, you must be more careful with the lights used in the children’s and even elders’ rooms. Warm, natural light is preferred to very colourful and strong light. If you want to put lights in a room which is used more often, you must seek to observe which colour tone helps you the most, for more vibrant colours can be fun but also tiring at times.

Most of the rooms have natural light coming through the windows. Indoor lighting, being either natural or artificial, it is supposed to be pleasant and not affect our daily activities. Sudden alternation of light and darkness may tire the sight so we should try not to harm ourselves, when creating our dream home. While most of your rooms have natural light coming in, the hallway area is not well lighted so we recommend wall lights in order to make it seem more welcoming.

Pay attention to each detail!

Lights are controlled in different manners and switches can be positioned in numerous practical ways. Dimmable light bulbs are quite useful because they offer the possibility to control the light and change the ambience just by turning a tiny knob. Certain home activities, such as reading and playing, demand a powerful light in the room. In contrast, it might be the case that children want to sleep with the lights on, but not as bright as they are during the day.

Some ceiling lights in the collection come with a dimmer switch for adjustable lighting. You can view these by selecting the option ‘Dimmability’ in the Technical part of the filter section. Also check the ‘Finishes’ section, in which you can find the right coloured, glass, painted or antique finishes and different kinds of metallic products.

You can either combine the products or use the one which better suits the room and the occupants needs. Chandeliers crafted with care, lights with red or black satin for a more posh style or chrome wall lights with dimming functionality, they all represent our speciality.

You can use lighting at three levels, found in the ‘Fitting Designs’ and ‘Style Preference’ categories:

  • Ceiling lamps or downlights, which can be wonderfully crafted chandeliers, simple or multi-armed pendant lights, various suspended lights or our collection of colourful uplights ;
  • Floor lamps or wall lamps, with wall light fixtures, also known as sconces, for both contemporary and traditional styles ;
  • Table lamps, both modern designs, such as Frenzy and Campari, and our classical Bankers lamps.

What about the safety requirements?

It is recommended that every house should have emergency lighting, which is essential for our need to feel safe and prepared in advance. The types of emergency lighting used are also important, as they can be emergency escape lighting, which enables safe exit, or standby lighting, which enables normal activities to continue after a power outage. The lights used should be energy efficient, as LED lights are always recommended.

Assure your safety in your home!

All the central controls ought to be checked and you should also care about regularly function tests. It all depends on the types of installations you chose. See the ‘Technical’ section on the Franklite site for products’ regulations.

The best lighting choice

All in all, Franklite is the best choice when looking for both practical and aesthetically pleasing products, as the team is reliable and professional. You can find a full selection of perfected lighting finishes, a diversity of pieces which offer clients both safety and visual comfort. The Franklite products are available across the UK at various stores. You can find the store that is closest on our Retailer Search page.

Remember that, with Franklite, you can create a lighting ensemble with personality, if you are inspired to play with an interesting mix of shapes and colours. The possibilities are endless and your home’s journey starts with Franklite!

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