Franklite Hall Lighting Ideas

When it comes to hall lighting ideas, there is often the mind-set that hallways are generally fairly insignificant areas in our homes that don’t’ require much thought when it comes to lighting. However, at Franklite we want to quash this idea and make sure that your hallway gets the lighting solution it deserves that will not only create a better illuminated area, but also make it more welcoming.

As the reception area to homes, the hallway is the first impression your home gives to visitors, and while many halls suffer from little or no natural light they shouldn’t be left in the dark. There are plenty of fantastic lighting ideas and tips, which will bring character and personality into even the drabbest of hallways regardless of their size.

Where to start

To begin your search for hall lighting ideas, it’s always helpful to find some inspiration from other people’s designs. We have a Hall Lighting Range full of great ideas for lighting, but you can also utilise other areas too. Whether you search for images on Google, read some interior designs magazines, take a trip to a local home department store or head to websites like Houzz,Pinterest or House and Garden, you’ll find plenty of tried and tested lighting ideas at your fingertips that you can implement in your own home.

Creating unique hallway style

Once you have some sound ideas in mind, you can now think about how to apply them to your own hallway style, as each hallway will require different lighting techniques.

For example, poorly lit hallways, can be effectively made to feel bright and airy with ceiling lights or spotlights. While spotlights like the Lutina offer the ability to direct light in different directions throughout your hallway. While a single ceiling light fitting such as the Abstract Flush will direct the light downwards and outwards to the whole area. Alternatively you could also use brightdownlights for directive lighting through an entire hallway that can be strategically positioned where you need illumination the most.

If you have a long or narrow hallway to contend with, a more effective light solution could be multiple wall lights, which offer a soft diffusion along the corridor and come in a huge choice of designs, from the classic Castilla to the more modern Nebula bracket that will also create pretty lighting effects on the wall. Plus, if you have the space, it’s also possible to combine wall lights with ceiling lights for greater illumination and the flexibility to adjust the light source to suit the mood you want for welcoming people into your home.

However, if you have a larger space to work with or a very grand entrance hall, you can maximise its impact with opulent decorative lighting such as theValentina or the Royale Flush if ceiling height is limited. Creating a striking focal point in your hall will not only look stunning, but ensure your hallway is well lit and welcoming any time of day. These can also be teamed with wall lights or well positioned table or floor lamps if you wish to create diffused lighting for certain occasions.

Spoilt for choice


Regardless of the style, size and design of your hall, at Franklite we have a huge choice available that spans from classic French-inspired Grandeurs, to dainty Oracle table lamps and directive downlights that if used correctly can create a warm, welcoming and well-lit space in your home regardless of your hall size.

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