LED Bathroom Lighting

Choosing bathroom lighting is not as easy as it sounds. For lighting purposes, the bathroom (or en-suite) is segmented into ‘zones’, some of which have specific regulations when it comes to light fittings. Franklite offer a variety of bathroom light fittings for today’s living.

Any light fitting which is positioned within bathroom zones 1 and 2 must have an IP (Ingress Protection) rating of 44 and above. Basically this means that it is a sealed unit so that water and dust cannot get into it. The regulations are explained in a more comprehensive manner in the latest edition of the Franklite catalogue.

With the need to use a sealed unit in certain areas, it can be difficult to find bathroom lighting which isn’t just a round white glass. One way to ensure a beautiful bathroom is achieved is to include within your lighting design the use of LED lighting fixtures which, for the purpose of complying with IP regulations, can be taken from Franklite’s exterior ranges.

By using Franklite recessed LED light fittings in key areas, you can achieve a soft light where it is needed and even take the plunge into colour changing LEDs. Imagine relaxing in the bath after a hard day’s work and being illuminated with a soft coloured glow to suit your mood!

Bathroom lighting requires careful consideration because of the legalities regarding the regulations. Before you make a selection, make sure you are purchasing a Franklite LED bathroom light which is compliant and, if you are unsure, speak to one of our Approved Dealers. All Franklite Approved Retailers will be able to offer advice and explain the regulations to ensure you get a safe LED bathroom light fitting which gives the versatility of light and, of course, energy savings you require.

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