LED Ceiling Lights

Back when a ceiling light fixture was a simple wooden structure powered by candlelight, it could never have been predicted that we would move through gas powered lighting and onwards to the electric lights that we know today.

We are now embarking on a new evolutionary journey to save electricity; thus preserving the planet and, of course, saving us money! Ironically, from the early days of electrically powered ceiling lights, we have used ‘candle bulbs’ to make them look like the original candle powered versions.

Now that EU regulations have dictated the demise of the GLS bulb as we know it, new light sources are coming into the equation. Although not commonplace yet, Franklite now manufacture through their FRANKled brand some beautiful LED ceiling light fittings in a variety of styles from flush fittings for lower ceilings through to outstanding chandeliers. These are not just utilising a replacement bulb, they are an LED light unit built into the fitting, giving a possible equivalent output to a 60W bulb and saving around 80% of the energy used and reducing running and maintenance costs.

Without doubt, LED ceiling lights are the way forward. When low energy light bulbs were first introduced they were big, obtrusive and expensive creations which were best used hidden inside a large glass. Not much has changed – they are still quite unattractive, just a little smaller and cheaper! Even in these early days of LED ceiling lights, we are able to keep the authentic look of the fitting.

Franklite, through the FRANKled brand, have designed and manufactured the LED13duo range of LED ceiling lights which covers pendants, chandeliers, and flush fittings with exceptional output and very low running costs. Best of all, these look the same as a traditional candle bulb, thus not detracting from the aesthetics of the chosen LED application.

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