LED Chandeliers

Back when a chandelier light was a simple wooden cross, joined in the middle and powered by candlelight, it could never have been predicted that we would move through powered lighting and onwards to electric lights that we know today.

Now we have embarked on a new evolutionary journey to save the electricity we use, not only helping to preserve the planet, but all importantly to save us money! Ironically, from the early days of electrically powered chandeliers, we have used ‘candle bulbs’ to make them look like the original candle powered versions.

With EU regulations dictating the demise of the commonly known GLS candle light bulb, new light sources are now being developed. Although not commonplace yet, Franklite now manufacture through their FrankLED brand some outstanding and beautiful LED chandeliers using the world’s only true alternative to tungsten candle lamps for chandeliers - the LED13duo. With a choice of finishes, these chandelier lights are not just an everyday chandelier with an LED bulb in a fitting, they are a complete LED unit built into the chandelier, resulting in a stunning dedicated LED chandelier light to fit in with today’s modern home lighting.

Without doubt, LED chandeliers by Franklite are the way forward. Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, Franklite’s LED13duo unit enables the production of a true LED chandelier with exceptional light output, very low running costs and a 5 year guarantee available. Best of all, these look the same as a traditional candle bulb, thus not detracting from the aesthetics of the chandelier.

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