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Lighting plays a vital role in interior design that goes well beyond the practical aspects of lighting up an area. In modern homes, people want their lighting to also create ambiance, character and personality both inside and out.  

At Franklite, we offer a wide range of different lighting solutions whether you’re looking for functional task lighting for your kitchen, or subtle uplighters and opulent ceiling lights for your front room. Having been in the lighting business since 1973, we have built a reputation on reliability and quality that makes us expert lighting suppliers, finding the right solutions for all our customers. With our extensive experience and product range, you’re sure to find the right home lighting to suit your needs.

Where to find inspiration

However, we also recognise that with so many different designs and styles of lighting to choose from nowadays it can be difficult to know which will be the best lighting and what lighting ideas will work within your home. But as experts in our field, we’re here to help, giving you plenty of lighting ideas and tips to give you all the inspiration you need.

While looking through our extensive product range can help you find lots of lighting ideas, it can also be helpful to have a few styles and concepts in mind before you start, which will help narrow your search. To start with taking a look at home interior or lighting design websites and magazines such as Elle Décor, Houzz or House and Garden will keep you up to date on the latest trends and be a useful lighting guide. You can then apply these lighting ideas to help you to maximise the effectiveness of home lighting, whether you want flexible kitchen lighting or stunning centrepieces in your living room or dining room.

Additional considerations

The next stage is to decide if the lighting style and designs you like will work in the space you have. Certain areas in your home such as the kitchen, bathroom and outdoor areas require special IP rated light fixtures that are specifically designed to withstand exposure to water, moisture and dust. There are various levels of rating, but IP44 or IP65 are usually recommended in areas where there is an increased risk of exposure.

Furthermore you should also take into consideration the size of the room. Some lighting ideas that use pendant lights or suspension lights for example, won’t necessarily work in small or low ceiling areas. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t still find something you like as many of our lighting designs come in flush or semi-flush options that are perfect for these areas as they don’t hang as low. Alternatively, you can use wall lights in multiples that offer a softer, subtler lighting effect that works really well the living room, bedrooms, hall and dining room, along with well-placed floor or table lamps to accentuate specific areas in a room.

The sky’s the limit

Of course, as you’ll find when doing some research on lighting tips and ideas, there are endless possibilities with modern lighting, as you aren’t limited to using one particular type or style in each room. Many of the latest lighting ideas combine different types of lighting to create flexible and atmospheric lighting within the home. For example, in the kitchen and lounge the use of practical task lighting can be switched to elegant ceiling or wall lights for evening entertaining, allowing for multipurpose use.  Furthermore, mixing decorative designer ceiling lights with simple lamps or wall lights allows the ceiling light to always take centre stage.

If you’re in any doubt as to where different styles of lighting can be used, Franklite can offer you expert advice on fixtures and fittings to make sure your home lighting is always spot on.

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