Bespoke Lighting Ideas

Our bodies naturally adapted over time to changing light, and we respond to the changes in light during the day to night outdoors. Over the years, we have often opted for unnatural bright fluorescent lighting within the home whether it suits a space or not, but now with so many more lighting options available we can install lighting that looks right and feels right too. Our homes need many different types of lighting, whether it’s for performing a task and making our lives easier or for our health and wellbeing. Choosing the right lighting that fills the gap between feeling natural and being useful is possible, and with a range of bespoke lighting options available, it is well within your grasp.

Bespoke Lighting with the Kitchen

In the kitchen, it is important to focus lighting on working surfaces – this is known as task lighting. You can install a combination of spotlights, down lighters, strip lights and pendants to fit your needs perfectly and here at Franklite, we have a range of options to suit all preferences. These types of lighting support the different ways you use the kitchen, and the different layers of lighting look and feel more harmonious then just one source of bright light.

Bespoke Lighting with the Bathroom

Bathrooms generally benefit from ceiling mounted luminaires to give you the overall illumination required. Wall mounted fixtures are a good way to introduce additional task lighting making use of space much easier.

However, the bathroom is a space where you can relax and unwind, installing an external dimmer will mean you can adjust your lighting to suit your preference. That time in the tub just got more relaxing with your low, subdued lighting, allowing your brain and body to rest properly.

Bespoke Lighting within the Living Space

Just like you play with texture and colour within a living space, you can apply the same principles to your lighting. Creating layers of lighting with wall mounted lights, pendants and table or floor lamps means that you can adjust the mood accordingly and have fun with interesting lamps and other lighting options.

Living rooms, dining rooms and hallways may also benefit from other types of lighting like picture lighting, distinctive lantern lighting and decorative laser cut pendant shades. Bespoke combinations of lighting designs can give your living its own individual character and style, and allow you to control the light within a space, rather than letting light control you.

If you’re looking for bespoke lighting options for your space, why not browse our range, or get in touch to find the best solution for your needs?
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