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When employing an interior designer, you are employing someone who will come into your home and help you shape your lifestyle. Interior design doesn’t just mean a few cushions here and there and a lick of paint – these are important parts but an interior designer does so much more. A good interior designer will want to know about you, how you live and what you like or dislike. Taking all this into account they will design a space creating an environment that perfectly accompanies your lifestyle, as well as a space that you absolutely love to spend time in. Overall, a designer will help you achieve your dream home, with style and functionality.

Interior Designers and Lighting

Lighting is a huge part of any interior design service. You have probably spent a long time deciding on colour palettes with your designer, but be prepared to spend just as long going over lighting. Its essential that lighting is correct as it has such an impact of a space, it needs to look great but also work efficiently for your home and your needs.

Within your kitchen, lighting is needed for so many different things - prepping food, cooking, eating and cleaning. Just as you’ve considered how to lay out your kitchen, your interior designer will also help you consider how to lay out your lighting to compliment different areas of the kitchen. Types of lighting to aid your daily activities include spot lighting, under wall counter strips, and pendants to name but a few. Adding pendants to a breakfast bar area is a practical yet stylish lighting solution. Vetross Suspension pendants from Franklite are an easy way to add interest and style to your contemporary kitchen.

An interior designer will also use lighting within your living space to create layers of lighting to build a harmonious effect giving your living room that calm relaxed feel it should have. Options such as wall mounted lights, pendants and lamps (floor and table) will help create this.

If you are working with your interior designer on lighting, then why not take a look at the different options Franklite have to offer. We’re sure to have something you and your interior designer will love.

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