Lighting for Care Homes & Nursing Homes

Care homes and nursing homes should feel like a home away from home for those staying there, and lighting is one of the most influential ways to making an environment feel pleasant and friendly. Care homes also require lighting that ensures areas are safe and medical professionals needs good lighting for activities that they must undertake when caring for patients.

The importance of replicating natural light

To help those of old age improve their general vision, mood and wellbeing, lighting installed should emulate natural light as much as possible. This is important with everyone, but particularly the sick and elderly as glare can be very distracting and irritating due to the higher rate of vision deterioration. Whilst emulating natural light is something that should be replicated throughout a care home, other types of lighting are also needed where extra light is needed and to help patients feel at home.

Different spaces, different solutions

Dark corridors filled with shadows can be unsafe and can also trigger fear in people, particularly in those suffering from dementia. To ensure no shadows and to open up corridors, flush fitting wall and ceiling lights produce a good solid light that distributes well within a space. Dining spaces work well with traditional pendant lighting, introducing crystal lighting will make the space feel classical and grand, this is especially nice for elderly people who look forward to meal times as it is an opportunity to socialise. Installing pendant lighting is also a practical solution without the sense of grandeur.

Reading lamps are imperative, as well as a nice decorative touch for reading areas and bedrooms. Floor lamps and table lamps are a familiar feature that many people have in their homes and also help with tasks such as reading, knitting and games. However, if care home owners are worried about trip hazards, then traditional wall mounted lights with crystal or shades provide general lighting that should work well in darker corners.

The bedroom needs both practical and decorative lighting. Bedside table lamps are essential for easy reach lighting and a homely feel. In addition, lighting in the bathroom needs to have good far-reaching illumination to lessen the chance of an accident. Placing spotlights over the shower or bath is imperative.

Whatever the requirements within a care home environment, Franklite are here to provide a variety of options to suit many different spaces. Why not browse our range to find the perfect lighting for your care home?
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