Traditional Lighting for the home

Lighting your home is of course a necessity, but it is also a way of creating atmosphere and is an extension of your interior design. Here at Franklite, we know only too well how the right lighting can have a real impact on your space, and we’ve worked hard to create traditional lighting for the home that combines both form and function to fit perfectly in any space.

Lighting fixtures come in many different forms from ceiling pendants, wall mounted, track lighting, chandeliers and spotlights. There are so many ways you can choose to light your home, and each type of lighting suits a different purpose so it is important to consider what you use the space for when choosing the lighting fixture.

For example, a bathroom needs good, all over, clear lighting; therefore spotlights are a good choice. But if you want to create atmosphere in your living space and allow for the option of a little light, or a lot, wall lights work well. If you want to introduce a ready corner or your need direct lighting over a breakfast bar you could consider track lighting or pendants to focus on the area you need.

Traditional lighting consists of pendants with shades, chandeliers and wall mounted lights with two lamps. A traditional style of décor lends itself to pieces that look classic and stylish, but still very practical.

Here at Franklite we offer a great range of traditional lighting, with plenty of light fixtures to choose from to suit your décor and personal taste. For example, the Abstract PCH107 is an elegant pendant with a neutral yet with an eye-catching laser cut shade that will suit most decors and provide a good supply of light with 1620 lumens.

Whatever your taste, you’re sure to find the perfect traditional lighting for your home from our range.

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