Franklite Lounge Lighting Ideas

Whether you call it the lounge, living room, front room or snug, this room lies at the heart of every home. With a variety of uses for both relaxing, as well as socialising and entertaining, it’s vital to choose the right lounge lighting to achieve the desired look and feel. If the lighting is too harsh or too dim, the whole mood of the room can be affected, which in turn affects how you use it. 

However, at Franklite there are plenty of lounge lighting ideas that will help you find the perfect balance between illumination, aesthetics and practicality. Having been in the business since 1973, we definitely have the right expertise and products to supply you with lounge lighting solutions that’s just right for you.

Finding inspiration

To start your search for living room lights, the best place to look is at our impressive Living Room lights range, where you’ll find a whole host of different styles and designs to suit every taste and requirement. From funky contemporary designs like the LED Hollo ceiling light, to pretty wall lights like the Nebula and classic styles like the Chiffon, we literally have it all.

Having said that, you can also find a whole host of living room lighting ideas in home and interior design magazines like Ideal Home and Homes and Gardens, as well as websites like Houzz and House to Home. These sources demonstrate that living room lighting isn’t just limited to one type or style, but that by using different kinds of lighting and placing them strategically you can make a real difference on the decoration and illumination in your lounge, as well as add versatility to your lighting.

Choose your style

A key element of choosing your lounge lighting is to define the style of lighting you want, this will work to complement and accentuate the rest of your interior décor. For example, if your home is decked in contemporary furniture and décor, it’s likely that modern styles like the Vetross with its simplistic design would work better than something more detailed like the Tzarina that is better suited to classically styled homes with grand décor and high ceilings.

Furthermore the style and size of the light is also an important consideration, as a light that’s too big can impede on head height and take over the room, while lights that are too small can easily get lost in vast spaces. Also, the type of light fixture you choose also has a role to play, as certain types work better in certain environments. Pendant lights like the Petrushka work brilliantly in a large areas with high ceilings, whereas flush, semi-flush or wall lights may be more appropriate in smaller rooms where head height may be affected by a suspended light.

Location, location, location

As with so many things, where you place your lighting also has an impact on its effectiveness and appearance. With lounge lighting, it’s incredibly important to put light fixtures in the right place and give yourself a choice of lighting styles. Featuring a central ceiling light, be it an opulent centrepiece like the Cinzia or a flush fitting such as the Gyro, will give a wonderful focal point to your living room, day or night, as well as provide sufficient illumination to the whole area for when you have guests. However, when you want an evening of cosying up in front of the TV, you’ll want subtler lighting, which can be achieved with well-placed wall lights, floor lamps and table lamps. These give greater flexibility to position the lights to illuminate specific areas and the ability to alter light levels to suit your mood.


Whatever style, design or size lighting you want in your lounge, you’re sure to find it in our huge collection of living room lights.

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