Modern Chandeliers

What is a chandelier? The dictionary definition is ‘A large hanging light with branches for several light bulbs’ and this covers a wide range of ceiling lighting.

Modern chandeliers bear very little resemblance to the original ‘wooden cross’ style which was used with candles. Contemporary chandeliers do not even need to have multiple ‘arms’ or ‘branches’. They have the bulbs in a ceiling plate with drops or rods hanging from it.

When considering the purchase of a chandelier for today’s modern lighting, there are many things to consider. Firstly, and most importantly, what is the height of the ceiling? It is often the case in modern properties that the ceiling is only high enough to take a semi-flush chandelier i.e. no chain suspension. A chain suspended light can be shortened, but only by a limited amount. Always check heights before purchasing a chandelier.

Modern chandeliers are available in many colours and manufactured from several different materials. Italian Murano glass chandeliers, for example, are now available in so many colour combinations it is possible to match a chandelier with furnishings or room features with very little effort.

Small modern chandeliers are available to accommodate lower ceiling heights and smaller rooms often found in bungalows and apartments and these tend to be based on the ‘flush’ light fitting theme, meaning they are not suspended. If there is room in your lighting design for a large modern chandelier, the only limit is your imagination as there are so many varieties available.

It is often possible to obtain a bespoke chandelier if you have a very specific requirement. For example, a very long fitting, a fitting with a large diameter or in a special colour. Franklite have a beautiful selection of modern chandeliers which is updated at least once a year and specialise in bespoke products. Contact one of our Approved Dealers who will be able to assist you with all your lighting needs.

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