Offices: 8 New Square - London

8 New Square is the largest specialist intellectual property chambers in the United Kingdom based in the Capital. Franklite was approached by Lynne Skelton Interior Designs to specify some LED Lighting to compliment the interior design proposed for 8 New Square.

The Eros range was selected and converted to use our dedicated LED light source. FL2192/4L24GT0000W were used to illuminate the task area. A mixture of spotlights RF301L15GT00W and RF298L09GT00W were used around the perimeter of the rooms to illuminate the walls and the floor.

A degree of control over the lighting was desired; all lights were dimmable and each lighting in each boardroom are on three separate circuits. One controlling the lighting over the table and two controlling the lighting on the perimeter of the room. This gives the client a wider choice on how they would like the room to be illuminated either by the dimming, turning off each circuit individually or a combination of the two.

The imagery provided by Dean Yeowell really shows off our Eros fittings.




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