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IP Rating 65

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At Franklite, we offer a huge range of lighting solutions to ensure your home or commercial property is sufficiently illuminated to suit your needs and style. And when it comes to choosing the right bathroom lighting or outdoor lighting, you’ll find plenty to choose from in our IP65 Light collection.

What is IP65 Rating?

But before you get into our fantastic range, let’s start with what IP65 means. IP is an abbreviation of ‘Ingress Protection’, which essentially means that these light fittings are specifically designed with additional protection against exposure to water, steam or dust. This is what makes them ideal for use in bathrooms and outdoor lighting scenarios. With each IP rating comes two digits, which determines the level of protection against these factors. The most common use in bathrooms is the IP44 lights, but IP65 lights or higher should be used in areas where they will be in direct contact with water or submerged underwater. The higher the rating, the higher the level of protection.

Where to install IP65 Lights

When it comes to bathroom lighting, each area of the bathroom is divided into 4 distinct zones – 0, 1, 2, and 3. Zone 0 is an area inside a bath or shower or submerged underwater and must use IP65 lights, however, zone 1 is the area above the bath and shower area and can be lit with IP44. Although in many cases with low ceiling heights an IP65 would be the safest option. For Zones 2 – 0.6 metres from the shower or bath area – and Zone 3, IP44 lights will offer sufficient protection for water, steam and dust in the area.

Franklite IP65 lighting offers versatile and sleek designs that use IP65 downlights, which are popular in many modern designs. They offer exceptional illumination to specific areas and the added safety element to be able to cope with high moisture. Designs like the LV 50W Crystal Downlight IP65 can add a touch of glamour to any bathroom and the ability to be positioned in zones 0 and 1. Alternatively, you can incorporate LED lighting, with IP65 LED downlights that offer great illumination, safety and energy efficiency too.

However, IP65 lights aren’t exclusively used for bathroom lighting, as they also ensure optimal safety with electrical outdoor lighting, where they will have a greater chance of coming into direct contact with water. At Franklite, we offer a number of options for outdoor lighting with IP65 rated lights. If you’re looking for practical and stylish outdoor lighting for a driveway, path, garden or doorway, the Lorenz Exterior Half Post is just one of our IP65 exterior lights built for the task at hand. It offers good illumination and with a high quality IP65 enclosure that is water protected and dust proof to provide comprehensive protection against the elements.

The Advantages of IP65 Lights

When deciding on the type and style of lights to use in your bathroom or outdoor areas, it’s always important to keep safety at the forefront of your mind. Whilst some IP44 lights may offer suitable protection against water and moisture, you may find that for added peace of mind a higher IP65 rated light would be the better choice. With more protection and plenty of styles to choose from at Franklite, with an IP65 waterproof light fitting, all you need to worry about is where to position them to create the perfect ambiance with lighting.

For inspiration on bathroom and outdoor lighting, let Franklite show you the way.
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