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Recessed Lighting

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With modern lighting styles, there is a huge choice available to ensure your home is stylish, well-lit and fully functional. However, with so many variations, deciding on what is the right style of light to use in your home or commercial property can be a challenge. At Franklite, we offer a vast array of lighting solutions for domestic and commercial use, which includes a large choice of recessed lights that are incredibly versatile and practical.

Recessed Lighting – The Basics

To figure out if recessed lighting is right for your property, you first of all need to have an understanding of what they are and how they work. A recessed light, also known as a downlight, is a light fixture that is set into a hole in your ceiling. The electrical elements set in an interior housing, sit above the ceiling plane, concealed by the decorative cover of the light that sits flush on the ceiling surface. The effect is that light shines directly from the ceiling downwards as a broad floodlight or narrow spotlight, depending on the style you go for. Plus there is no impact on head height, which makes it perfect for use in small spaces with low ceilings, as well as larger areas with high ceilings.

Where to Use Recessed Lighting?

When it comes to installing recess lighting, the first major aspect to consider is whether your ceilings have the height above them to house the recessed downlights. This can be a problem in older properties where there is little or no room to cut a hole in the ceiling to accommodate even the smallest of light fixtures. Despite this draw back, recessed lighting can be used in virtually any room in your home, in commercial premises and outdoors. Although, depending on where you’re planning on positioning them, you may need specific IP rated light fixtures, like the LV 50W Downlight IP65 to ensure they are safe. For example, outdoor recessed lighting or bathroom lights should always install IP44 rated lights or IP65 rated lights in areas above showers, baths or areas outside that have a higher risk of coming into contact with water. However, with other areas such as living rooms you can use standard recessed light fittings. For living room lights using designs that are more decorative and fancy, such as the Downlight with Crystal can have a stunning effect on the interior design of a room, delivering a pretty lighting effect on the ceiling. Whereas dimly lit hallways or kitchens, can benefit hugely from designs such as the LV 50W Tilt Downlight. This style allows you to direct the light to specific areas for hallway lights or task lighting in kitchens, whilst giving your home a sleek and stylish look. We also offer a number of recessed LED designs, as LED lights, can be a more cost effective and environmentally friendly solution. When installing recessed lights or downlights, they are usually fitted in multiples to give greater illumination. With certain designs, they can be fitted with dimmer switches or on different circuits, so you can adjust the lighting for different occasions. With a wide choice of recessed lighting designs, at Franklite you’re sure to find the perfect lighting solution to suit your needs.
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