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Franklite Spotlights

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For lighting in your home or a commercial property, spotlights can be a very effective solution. They come in all different shapes and sizes, and at Franklite we have a huge selection of spotlights available to ensure your home is perfectly lit and looking great too.

What Are Spotlights

Spotlights are used in a whole host of different situations, directing a narrow beam of intense light onto a specific area. Although widely used in theatres and for outdoor lighting, they also make a very practical and stylish indoor lighting solution too. With indoor spotlights you can create different lighting effects in your rooms to give greater illumination for task work, highlight certain decorative features or to ensure every corner of a room is well lit.

Where to use Spotlights

There are plenty of different variations for indoor spotlights available. You can choose from single spotlights, adjustable spotlights and multiple spotlights that can often be used as either ceiling spotlights or as wall mounted lights. As mentioned previously, spot lights work particularly well for areas where you may require task lighting such as with kitchen or bathroom lights. Designs with multiple spotlights can be altered to shine light in different directions of a room, giving more effective illumination. Alternatively, if you want to provide bright light above a mirror in your bathroom or bedroom, the use of single spots or double spots, like the 1 and 2 Light Lutina range gives you the flexibility to direct the light where you need it most and comes in a choice of different finishes. Other choices for bedroom lights and living room lights, include styles like the Campani 6 Light Spots. It works fantastically in larger areas, providing a wonderfully ornate looking ceiling spotlight, with the versatility to direct the lamps in different directions, be it to highlight a decorative piece on the wall, give more light at the dressing table or just general lighting in all corners of the room. Another great way to make use of spotlights in your home or business is to light up those dimly lit corridors with the right hallway lights. While recessed lighting can work well, spotlights can add a little more personality and a decorative feel to what is ordinarily a purely functional space. Designs such as Scintilla 6 Light Spot will add a fabulously contemporary feel to your interior design, along with bright directive lighting to all those dark corners.

Style Choices

Speaking of styles, with spotlights there seems to be almost endless possibilities with styles, finishes and specifications. Although the majority of the design concepts for ceiling spots are modern, you can still give your room a more traditional feel, by choosing a classic finish, such as the Tivoli Bronze. Or if ultra-modern is more your style, futuristic designs like the Bobble range may be more to your liking. Whatever style, finish and function you require, at Franklite you’ll find plenty of choice to satisfy your needs – check out our complete Spotlights range below for all the inspiration you need.
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