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Bathroom Lights

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Despite the bathroom being one of the most frequently used rooms in a house, you’d be surprised at how often there is a lack of consideration given to the light fittings installed. It seems that bathroom lighting is low on the agenda in terms of design, but with Franklite bathroom lights that is all about to change.

Gone are the days where you have limited choice on designs and styles for bathroom lighting , as we offer a wide and diverse collection of bathroom lights that range from straightforward spot lights to elegant crystal laden light fittings that hang beautifully from the ceiling or as wall lights.

How To Choose Safe Bathroom Lighting

When it comes to choosing your bathroom lighting, it’s important to make sure you install lights that are specifically designed for use in bathrooms and meet current UK building regulations for maximum safety. These types of light fittings are manufactured to cope with varying levels of water, moisture and steam that naturally occur in bathrooms and give additional safety and protection where lights may come into contact with water, reducing the chances of electric shocks.

For light installation, your bathroom is divided into three zones 0, 1 and 2. It’s these zones that will dictate the type of light fitting rating you require. Zone 0 refers to any area where a light is going to be submerged in water, such as inside showers or baths and requires a IP67 rating or above; zone 1 is considered an area where there is an increased likeliness of direct contact with some water or steam, such as above a shower or bath and should be fitted with the likes of an IP65 or IP44 ratings, depending on the water risk; and zone 2 covers all other areas in the bathroom where there is likely to be some exposure to steam and splashes, but not direct water contact requires IP44 ratings.

We have a wide range of ceiling and wall light fitting ratings that cover all aspects of bathroom lighting safety, like the Wall Light IP44 Crystal , as well as SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) spot lights such as the LV 50W Downlight with IP65 rating , for those wanting additional safety with their bathroom lighting. The benefits of choosing SELV lights is that they have a much reduced voltage flow and isolated circuits, so if they are to malfunction there is less likelihood of a severe electric shock.

Choosing Your Design

Once you have all aspects of safety covered for your lighting, it’s time to choose the style and design to suit your tastes and requirements. Our bathroom lighting range consists of classic and contemporary designs that include flush and hanging ceiling lights, spots, wall lights and mirror lights.

First and foremost, you need to think about the function of your bathroom. If you’re looking to create a luxurious bathroom that’s ideal for relaxation and serenity in the evenings, then our collection of Crystal Pendent lights, like the 500mm Flush IP44 Crystal offers the perfect solution. With a choice of flush ceiling fittings or wall fittings, you can style the room exactly how you like. However, for those looking to create a modern and functional bathroom for your morning routine, equipping a combination of bright spot lights and an Illuminated Mirror Light will be a winning combination.

Whether you’re creating a contemporary or a traditional style bathroom, you’re sure to find a style that suits your needs and who says you can’t mix and match. With modern bathroom renovations there seems to be more focus on choosing multifunctional lighting options that offer practical lighting when you need bright light, but the flexibility to alter the lighting to create a more relaxed atmosphere. This is why we offer such a diverse collection of bathroom lighting, so you can have just the right level of lighting you need.

At Franklite , we not only offer diversity in our huge choice of bathroom lights, but also high quality and safety, so you can have peace of mind that investing in your bathroom lighting is great value for money now and for the future, plus it meets the latest building and safety regulations too.

To feel inspired for bathroom lighting, take a look at our complete range now.

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