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Bedroom Lighting

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Whether you’re furnishing your master bedroom, guest room or multiple hotel rooms, the type and style of lighting you install will have a dramatic impact on the feel and function of a room. Whilst many opt for practical pendant lights, others may prefer matching wall lights to give a warm and welcoming glow in such an intimate place.

This is why at Franklite , we offer a huge collection of bedroom lighting that covers all aspect of bedroom brightness, and so whether you want a serene and sumptuous vibe or a bright and airy feel, you can light your rooms accordingly.

Flexible Modern Bedroom Lighting

Modern bedrooms aren’t just about having a place sleep, many people now look to design an area that’s multi-functional, where they can relax and rest after a long day, but also prepare for the day ahead too.

Bedrooms should be luxurious, relaxing and incredibly comfortable, so choosing appropriate lighting to match your furnishings will only help to enhance the atmosphere. A fabulous way to add a touch of glamour and glitz to your bedroom is with a stunning focal point like a Brocade 5 Light Fitting , which oozes style and gives off plenty of illumination, even in the darkest of rooms.

The beauty of modern bedroom lighting is that there is a huge amount of choice for styles and types of light fittings, which even includes the type of bulbs used. Our range of bedroom lighting is suitable for use in domestic and commercial environments, such as hotels where you not only need to consider the aesthetics of your light fittings, but the consequences of energy consumption too.

We have a number of low energy light fittings that will work either in your home or in more demanding commercial environments. With a choice of fantastic contemporary and traditional designs, low energy lights doesn’t have to mean you need to compromise on style. Why not take a look at the Hexx range of lights, which offer decorative pendant lights that are perfect for hotels and guest houses with a modern twist on a classic style. Or if you’d prefer something more unique and opulent, the Podette Lights are the perfect choice and come with low voltage bulbs for increased safety in commercial and domestic environments.

Mixing Things Up

Whilst pendant or flush ceiling lights always work well in bedrooms and are many people’s preferred choice, particularly with a dimmer switch for adjustable lighting, there are plenty of other ways to create a relaxing and serene atmosphere in the bedroom. The use of wall lights, either in combination with a ceiling light fitting, or on their own, can give you the opportunity to create a different type of illumination in your bedrooms.

Wall lights are usually placed in pairs of multiples, which adds a great focal point in rooms, as well as continuity in your décor. They work fantastically in bedrooms as they can be positioned exactly where you want the light to be directed. Perhaps you want to give illumination above a dressing table mirror or individual bedside lighting without taking up table space for a freestanding lamp, well this can be done perfectly with wall lights.

Available in a huge variety of sizes and styles, you’ll find contemporary designs like the Wall Bracket with LED Reading light , which offers excellent illumination as an uplighter, but also the ability to direct the reading light exactly where you need it, plus with LED light bulbs it’s incredibly cost effective for energy usage too. Or if classic style with a touch of glamour is more on the agenda, then take a look at the Sherrie Lights , they’re simply stunning.

Of course, many people also like the option of a traditional bedside lamp, which allows you to switch the main lights off and enjoy subtler lighting for a more relaxed atmosphere, plus the convenience of not having to get out of bed to switch the lights off. From contemporary designs like the Hugo Table Lamp/Shade to classic styles like this 3 Light Table Lamp with pleated shade , we have plenty on offer.

Choosing the right style, brightness and positioning of lighting in your bedroom allows you to create the perfect mood for comfort and rest, whilst also enhancing your overall décor. It doesn’t matter whether you want modern designs for pendant lights or traditional wall lights, at Franklite we have everything you need right here for domestic and commercial use.

Why not take a closer look at our complete range of bedroom lighting below and feel inspired.

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