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Decorative Lighting

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When it comes to the finishing touches to your home décor, one aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked is the lighting. Beyond the practicalities of giving you good visibility in low lighting, it can do so much more to your room decoration. With the correct use of decorative lights, you can transform an ordinary room into an extraordinary room with wonderful illumination.

Decorative Lights – The Basics

Whilst some lights are purely for practical purposes, decorative lights offer all the practicalities of an ordinary light combined with stylish aesthetics, so you can have a fabulous centrepiece in your home or commercial premises that will definitely stand out.

A decorative light can work well on its own as a standalone light fixture, paired together or in multiples. Tie it in with your décor theme or contrast to make it even more prominent, either way you can craft the perfect ambiance for your room, whether you want bright and vibrant or subtle and sensual.

Decorative Lights – The Options

At Franklite, we offer a wide range of different decorative lights in a whole host of styles and designs. From modern, contemporary ">wall lights to classic pendants and vintage style flush lights, you’re sure to find the perfect decorative light to suit your requirements and tastes.

With decorative lights there are endless possibilities for interior design, as you can complement and contrast your existing décor or go for a completely new style. They work brilliantly in a variety of different environments, whether you use them in your home in hallways, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and kitchens; or in commercial venues, be it a hotel, restaurant, retail outlet or art gallery. Giving your space a dressing up with a fabulous decorative lighting piece, is sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

Get Creative

Decorative lighting offers the perfect opportunity to get creative - indulge your senses and feel inspired.

Add a little sparkle to your living room or bedroom with a stunning centrepiece pendant ceiling light, like the Chiffon 8 Light Chandelier or the Eros 4 Light Pendant. These lights are opulent, attractive and incredibly stylish, giving you the perfect finishing touch to your room.

Alternatively if you’re looking for a more classic design, then take inspiration from models like the Naples 3 Light Pendant or the Petrushka 2 Light Bracket wall lights. With ceiling lights, you’ll get a larger illumination area, but with well-placed decorative wall lights, you can have a beautiful focal point on the walls, which works particularly well in large rooms or long hallways. Or why not jazz up a plain wall with the Podette 3 Light Bracket, which has a lovely light effect, as well as a delicate floral design to draw the eye in.

Whatever your style and room space, with the right decorative lighting you can have a real statement piece, whether you opt for decorative ceiling lighting for hallways, flush lights for your bathroom or pretty wall lights in the bedroom.

At Franklite, you’ll find plenty of designs to inspire you and exceptional quality too.
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