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Desk Lamps

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When it comes to choosing lighting for your home or commercial property, there are a wide range of different styles, designs and types of lighting available. At Franklite, we have an extensive collection of different light fixtures available to suit all tastes and requirements. This includes a wide range of ceiling lights, wall lights and desk lamps for use throughout your home.

Why use desk lamps?

While ceiling and wall lights can offer great illumination to larger areas and can be used to great effect to create different mood lighting in various rooms, the use of smaller desk lamps, can provide specific task lighting in areas where you may need a brighter. With a more concentrated light source and with many designs featuring adjustable lighting, they’re idea for carrying out detailed work.

Typically used for lighting desks or reading areas, table lamps in the UK have become an essential part of lighting up our homes and businesses. They not only give directive task lighting for specific areas, but also work well as mood lighting. Often used with lamp shades, they emit a bright light in close proximity, but in larger areas the light is more diffused, which can make an area such as your living room or bedroom feel more cosy and intimate.

Where to use desk lamps

Despite the name, desk lamps aren’t limited to use on the desk in your study or office, although a traditional-style Bankers bronze lamp can add a classic design feature. Just like so many other lighting designs, they can be very versatile when used in the right way in areas such as your living room, bedroom or hallway.

In living rooms they can give greater flexibility for illuminating an area, allowing you to adjust the living room lights to suit the occasion. For example, if you’re socialising, you can use the brighter ceiling or wall lights for better visibility, while a desk lamp can give you the soft, relaxing lighting you need for a night on the sofa watching a film or reading a book.

With bedroom lights, table lamps strategically placed on a bedside table give the perfect lighting level for reading a book and the convenience of not having to leave the warmth of your bed to turn the lights out. In addition, they work just the same as living rooms lights, complementing and adding flexibility to your bedroom lighting. Whether used with ceiling lights for brighter illumination or simply used on their own to create subtle, mood lighting for relaxing, they are always a worthwhile addition to have.

Choose your style

When it comes to using a desk lamp in your home, the key is to choose the right style that not only serves a practical and functional purpose, but also fits in with your interior design. At Franklite, we have a great selection of desk lamps available, as well as taller standing lamps. You can choose from funky LED lights in contemporary and classic designs, adjustable lamps for directive lighting where you need it or stylish table lamps that will look great anywhere in your home.

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