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Double Insulated Lights

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Light fittings come in a wide range of styles, designs, colours and specifications, so whatever you’re looking for you’re sure to find something that suits your tastes and needs at Franklite. However, there are certain differences for light fittings that you should be aware of, so that when you’re buying your light fittings, you can be sure that they are safe and compliant with your electrical system.

When to Use Double Insulated Lights

Most modern light fittings in the UK are designed to be installed using a 3-core cable, which consists of a brown ‘live’ cables, blue ‘neutral’ cable and a yellow and green ‘earth cable’. The earth cable acts as a safety mechanism, so that if a fitting becomes live through a loose wire touching metal, the electricity flow will return back to the earth via the earth wire, blowing the fuse and stopping the electricity flow altogether and preventing it reaching ground through another source such as a human body.

However, the use of an ‘earth’ wire hasn’t always been the case in the UK. Before the 1970s, it was common for electrical wiring not to be installed with an earth wire, so despite current regulations, there are still a number of older properties that have an electrical system without an earth wire in place. This is where Double Insulated Lights should be used and can be used for ceiling and wall light fittings.  

What is a Double Insulated Wall Light?

A Double Insulated Light fitting is specifically designed for use in electrical wiring where there is no earth wire to redirect the electrical current if a fitting becomes live. Double Insulated Light fittings are set up to work with two-core cables and are made with double insulation on the live wires (hence the name), which means that the live wires have double the protection from contact with the exposed elements of the fittings. Furthermore, many modern Double Insulated Light fittings are designed in a way that keeps the wire connector block as far away from the light fitting as possible, to further reduce the risk of it becoming live and causing an electric shock.

What are the Benefits of Double Insulated Lighting?

If you’re installing new light fittings in an older property that doesn’t have an earth wire in the electrical system then you should always use Double Insulated Lighting. Despite the fact you can use standard light fittings without connecting the earth wire, it’s a false economy, as the cost of Double Insulation Lights is pretty much on par with standard light fittings. In addition to this, the main benefit of using Double Insulated Wall Lights and Ceiling fittings is having peace of mind that the light fitting is as safe as it possibly can be without an earth wire and is far more cost-effective than a complete rewire of your property.

Franklite has a wide range of Double Insulated Wall Lights, Lamps and Ceiling fittings in a range of modern and classic designs that can be used as hallway lights, kitchen lights or for bedroom lamps, so you won’t have to compromise on your choice of style either.

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