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Lighting Accessories

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At Franklite, we’re experts in the world of lighting and we know just how important it is to get the right style of lighting in your home or commercial property; not just from a practical point of view, but also taking the aesthetics that lighting adds to a room into account as well. Whether you’re looking for bright and effective task lighting for your kitchen or mood lighting that will create the perfect ambiance in your dining or living room, we have a huge selection of light fittings to suit, and to make sure they look and light up just how you want them, we also stock a number of lighting accessories to go with them.

Swanky Shades

A great way to add a little colour, depth and texture to your lighting solution is with a lampshade that will effectively diffuse the light into the room. Whether you’re after wall lights, ceiling lights or desks lamps, you’ll find our stunning collection of light accessories has plenty to offer to enhance your light fittings no end.

Available to complement a wide range of Franklite light fittings, they can be purchased separately to the light fittings, allowing you to choose your preferred colour and style to suit the rest of your interior design. Alternatively if you have an existing light fitting you still want to make use of, but want to update it with a new look, why not look to change the light shade. A new light shade or shades can do wonders for updating décor and give new lighting effects too. They can also be bought individually as replacements for damaged or broken shades in multiple light fittings.

Shades like the small Black Candle Shade look absolutely gorgeous used as multiples on chandelier style ceiling lights like the Armeria or traditional style wall lights. Whereas larger shades like the Burgundy Silk Candle Shade can look fantastic on standing lamps or ceiling light fittings, softly diffusing the light with a deep colour. Light fittings with shades are great for use in living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms where you want more subtle lighting effects, but can also be used to great effect in hallways too. 

Essential light bulbs

Of course, when it comes to lighting it’s also important not to forget to use the right type of bulb to suit the light fitting you’ve bought. At Franklite, we offer a range of different LED light bulbs to ensure that you’re fitting a quality light bulb that will last as well as give you the perfect level of light for the area in question.

LED Lights are the latest innovation in light bulb technology, offering a far more efficient method of lighting than traditional bulbs, as the tiny LED (Light Emitting Diodes) require significantly less energy to illuminate and they last much longer too.

Whether you want bright illumination for task lighting in your kitchen or downlighters in long hallways, LED bulbs like the 5.5W GU10 will provide you with a highly efficient and effective means of lighting small and large areas. They can also be used in dimmable fixtures allowing you the flexibility of adjusting the light levels to suit your mood and requirements.

Alternatively for more traditional light fittings like pendant or ceiling lights, we also have the 9W E27 LED GLS Bulbs. These energy saving light bulbs have an incredibly long life span and a low energy consumption, yet they still offer excellent illumination for a wide range of areas in your home, including dining rooms, hallways, living rooms and bedrooms. In addition, all the E27 light bulbs we have available are suitable for use in dimmable lights, so if you feel the lighting is too bright for an intimate dinner party, you can lower the levels to create the perfect setting.

Whatever style and design of light fitting you decide on, our range of lighting accessory products is sure to complete your lighting look with style and plenty of dazzle.

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