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Floor Lamp Lighting

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The lighting in your home or commercial premises can have a huge impact on the look and feel. Whilst many solutions offer practical lighting, others such as floor lamps can add new dimensions and depth to a room. At Franklite, we offer a wide selection of floor lamps, from the classic to the contemporary that can give your home the perfect illumination.

Floor Lamps – The Options

Floor lamps are a great way to light up an area, as they come in varying styles, which offer different types of lighting for different areas and purposes. Depending on the style of floor lamp you opt for, you can have a flexible light source that can be moved around and adjusted to meet your specific requirements, whilst adding a focal point in a room too.

For example, a traditional standard lamp, which features a heavy base, pole and lighting at the top, will provide good general lighting to a larger area. However, the term standard lamp is incredibly broad, as you can opt for classic designs, like a brass floor lamp with a shade such as the Standard Lamp or choose a more contemporary design with multiple lights like the Campani 3 Light Standard Lamp, where you can adjust the light direction to suit.

Other options for floor lamps include adjustable floor lamp designs that allow you to change the height and light direction and make good task lighting, as well as a Tripod Floor Lamp UK that come with a very sturdy base and an unusual design.

We also offer a variety of Mother and Child Floor Lamps, which feature a light at the top of the pole and an adjustable task light halfway up. These are the ideal lighting for nurseries or areas that are used for breastfeeding or reading with children, as the diffused uplighter gives illumination upwards, whilst the task light allows you plenty of light lower down if you need it.

Where To Use Floor Lamps

As with table lamps, floor lamps offer endless possibilities and can be used in almost any area within your home, as they can be tucked away in a corner, against a wall or to the side of furniture.

If you’re looking to create a stylish and practical accent piece, designs like a vintage floor lamp for bedroom lights or living rooms lights, such as the Standard Lamp 3 Light, are perfect for positioning by the side of a sofa or bed. They offer plenty of illumination with three light bulbs, but the pale lamp shade helps to soften the light at the same time.

However, they aren’t just limited to these areas, as floor lamps can also be used as very effective hallway lights. They work particularly well in areas where there is very little natural light in homes, hotels and reception areas. Modern lights such as the Nebula 5 Light Standard give off a great amount of light upwards and outwards into a room and offer a stunning decorative piece for additional brightness in a dark space.

With so many different styles to choose from, at Franklite you’re sure to find all the inspiration you need when it comes to floor lamps, whether it’s modern lights or classic styles.
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