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Flush Lighting

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When it comes to deciding on the right style and design of light fittings for your home or commercial property, it is important to consider all the varying types of light fittings available, as well as decorative style.

There are some light fitting types that work better in specific areas than others, which is particularly true of Flush Lighting. At Franklite , we have a vast selection of Flush Light fittings available that work fantastically across a wide range of different areas in a variety of properties.

What is Flush Lighting?

First and foremost, let’s take a look at exactly what Flush Light fittings are and how they can be used to the greatest effect.

Flush light fittings are designed to be mounted directly to the ceiling providing effective illumination to cover a larger area. They use well-diffused lighting for a softer illumination and less direct light focus that you may find with task lighting, spot lights or accent light fixtures.

There are two variations of flush lights available, flush light fixtures and semi-flush light fixtures. Flush Lights, as the name suggests are connected to the electrical box and component wires above the ceiling and the decorative fixture is then mounted flush to ceiling, leaving no space between the light fittings and ceiling surface, such as the Charisma 250mm Flush Fitting . Semi-Flush lights connect in the same way with the connecting mount flush to the ceiling, but the decorative part usually hangs a few centimetres lower than the ceiling, like the Twista 8 Light Fitting .

Where to use Flush or Semi-Flush Lights

Traditionally flush lighting was used in hallways and corridors, however more elaborate and accommodating designs means that they can be used practically anywhere in homes and commercial environments.

The more compact designs like the Abstract range , lend themselves for use in areas where ceiling height may be an issue and there isn’t sufficient ceiling height to accommodate a pendant light fitting. However, there are plenty of larger and lower hanging designs that work just as well as an alternative to pendant lighting in high ceiling rooms too. Take a look at this beautiful Constellation 7 Light Fitting that fits flush to the ceiling, but the pretty lead crystal spheres hang down with magical effect.

Flush and Semi-Flush lights also work particularly well in smaller rooms, as the fluorescent bulbs used in many modern designs provide plenty of light and will help to enhance the ambience of the room. Furthermore, these bulbs are incredibly economical in comparison to standard light bulbs, so it can make for a far more cost effective lighting solution in the long run.

Equally, these style lights look fantastic in larger areas, such as commercial environments in restaurants, hotels and bars, whilst retail outlets can benefit from designs like the Rustica 4 Light Spo t, where you can adjust the light direction to highlight specific areas or pieces.

The Benefits of Using Flush Lighting

One of the key benefits to using Flush Lighting as opposed to pendant lighting or wall lights, is that you get a different type of illumination. The closer proximity to the ceiling means more light is directed downwards from the light bulb into the room, so it delivers a more intense light that works brilliantly in smaller areas. Secondly, the attachment directly to the ceiling, means that there is more head height in low ceiling rooms or can allow more hanging space for larger and longer styles in high ceiling rooms, such as chandeliers like the Wisteria Fitting or the contemporary Carillon 10 Light Fitting with LED bulbs.

It doesn’t matter about your décor theme, with such a huge selection of flush lighting from Franklite , you’ll find plenty to choose from to meet your requirements. We bring you the latest in modern and classic designs that can be used throughout your home or commercial property to great effect.

Find all the inspiration and designs you need for beautiful flush lighting right here with Franklite.

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