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Indoor Lighting

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Lighting has a huge effect on the way we perceive any environment and it’s not just allowing us to clearly see the room in fort of us that makes decorative indoor lighting a fantastic feature to consider in modern homes. Indoor lighting can act as another form of expressing yourself through design, as not only will it provide light, but will also add decorative elements into all areas of the home.

As lighting experts, our range of light fixtures, styles and designs certainly has something to complement every area of a home. Whether you’re looking for Indoor lighting for the hall, bedroom or study, our selection of indoor lighting covers wall lights, hanging lights, free standing lamps, lanterns and even spotlights and with a wide selection of hundreds of styles you’re sure to find just the indoor lighting for you.

A variety of different ways to use indoor lighting

Indoor lighting is used in every room in the house and can create a range of moods, depending on what you’re looking to create and what product you choose. So whether you want bright lights for bathrooms, soft lighting for bedrooms, colour changing lights in children’s bedrooms or even dimmer switching lights for the living room led wall lights, we’re sure to have everything you need.

Indoor lighting for every room

The bathroom is one of the most well used rooms in the home, and suits a variety of light fittings such as flush lighting, hanging lights, spotlights and mirror lights. Fixtures that have surpassed safety requirements such as the 9w dimmable downlight 3000k, IP44 LED 3 light Wall Bracket and Bathroom LED Wall Light.IP44 are perfect for those in modern homes, and those wanting to create a unique look will find bright LED bathroom spot lights and mirror lights are a successful combination. The hallway is also a great place for wall lights, and with a large selection of fittings there’s something to complement every sized hallway without having to resort to lamps that could provide a trip hazard.

The bedroom is the perfect room to place flexible and modern lighting that will complement a space that’s used for a variety of tasks. Wall lights such as the Alba 2lt Bracket offer the perfect glow for enjoying a relaxing lie down, and are also a great focus point in terms of decoration. Wall brackets with LED reading lights can also fit perfectly in the bedroom as they create the perfect illumination, allowing you the ability to focus a reading light exactly where you need it.

The main rooms of the house; the living room and kitchen – also need to be fitted with the right lighting. This is where you socialise, spend family time and relax and our wide range of living room and kitchen lights will complement any room’s décor and add a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Pasillo Lanterns and chandeliers like the Carousel Fitting provide the optimal lighting feature that will supply excellent lighting over the dinner table and table and floor lamps like the Hugo Table Lamp and Shade also fit comfortably in the living room area and add a relaxing atmosphere.

Safe, decorative indoor lighting to fit any budget

Here at Franklite, we’re proud to offer SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) lights as part of our range. This lighting is not only decorative, but also runs a lower voltage and isolated current, which is an additional safety point. In addition to this, we also supply Double Insulated Lights, which can improve safety for older properties. Low-level lighting and energy efficient bulbs help home owners that don’t want to compromise on quality use less energy and save on bills.

Indoor lighting benefits the whole household, and not only does the style and design you choose reflect your taste it adds the right mood to every room. When you order indoor lighting from us, you’ll be reassured that the lighting you’ve chosen passes all safety requirements and meets all current regulations. To find the perfect indoor lighting for your home, simply browse the site or call us today to discuss your lighting needs.
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