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Kitchen Lighting

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Choosing the right kitchen lighting is key to having a functional space that’s well-lit for the practicalities of food preparation and cooking, but also fulfils your design aesthetics too. At Franklite, we offer an impressive selection of kitchen lighting that will ensure your kitchen is fully illuminated and a wonderful space to cook, relax and socialise in.

Kitchen Lights – The Basics

Gone are the days where you have one light to illuminate an entire kitchen. Thankfully with modern kitchen lighting designs there are now endless possibilities for giving you the perfect level of lighting in the areas where you need it.

With so many uses for the kitchen, you need to ensure you have sufficient lighting that allows you to have good visibility, whatever you’re doing. This is especially important as most modern kitchens are used as multi-functional spaces for more than just cooking. Whether you have a kitchen-dining area, a built-in breakfast bar or an open-plan kitchen, dining and living space, you can incorporate your kitchen lighting to fit in with the different areas you need. From beautiful wall lighting in dining and socialising areas, to directive spotlights for cooking, you can now tailor your kitchen lighting to your specific needs.

Versatile Kitchen Lighting

With multi-functional spaces in mind, modern kitchen lighting can now serve different purposes with plenty of different kitchen light fittings available. These include pendant lights that hang by a cord from the ceiling, flush lights that sit flush to the ceiling surface, spotlights for walls and ceilings and wall lights. With such choice, you can create the perfect ambiance for cooking and socialising.

For fancy focal points throughout your kitchen/dining room, choose designer kitchen lights on the ceiling, like the Eros 4 Light Pendant or the Shimmer 6 Light Flush. Or for a more practical kitchen lighting solution to add light in specific areas for food preparation, cooking and washing up, why not incorporate spotlights into your design, like the Lutina 4 Light Ceiling Spot. These lights can be adjusted to give light to specific areas where you need it most.

Alternatively, if you want to add some mood lighting into your kitchen design, decorative wall lights, such as the Vivace 2 Light Bracket with Green Shade can provide a fantastic colour feature and more subtle lighting for intimate evening meals or relaxing with friends.

With so many designs to choose from at Franklite, you’re sure to find the right style to suit your kitchen lighting requirements and design style.

Other Things to Consider with Kitchen Lighting

Before you decide on a specific design though, there are some safety aspects to consider when it comes to choosing your kitchen lighting. With kitchen lighting and electrical installation in the UK, the kitchen is considered a ‘special’ zone due to its close proximity to water.

Whilst most modern light fittings are suitable for use in kitchens, there are some areas where you would be advised to use IP rated lighting, which include areas above or around the sink and above cookers. IP rated light fittings have a higher level of protection with an IP enclosure that gives the electrical circuit in the light fitting greater protection from water, steam and dust.

To find your perfect kitchen lighting solution, get inspired by Franklite today.
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