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Lamps and Light Bulbs

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Franklite Lamps and Light Bulbs

Regardless of whether you’re in the electric and lighting trade or a domestic customer, with Franklite’s selection of lamps and light bulbs you can rest assured they are of manufactured to the highest quality.

We’ve carefully selected brands for light bulbs and lamps to ensure complete customer satisfaction and high performance for the job at hand. However, choosing the right light bulbs or lamps for your property isn’t just a case of going for the cheapest one or the one with the highest watt rating that fits your light fitting, as each bulb has different properties that make it better suited to certain types of light fixtures and environments.

Deciphering key terminology

You may hear different terminology such as lamps and light bulbs and feel confused, but essentially they are the same thing. Lamps is a technical term used in the industry to describe a light source, which covers light bulbs, tubes and spots, whereas light bulb tends to be used to describe the more traditional bulb shaped lamps, but can also be used universally to cover other light sources.

Lamps and light bulbs come in all different shapes and sizes, from the standard incandescent light bulb, to the more energy efficient fluorescent and LED lamps, which consume less electrical power to make light. These types of light bulbs are sometimes referred to as energy saving lamps or low energy bulbs.

But the other useful piece of terminology to know is wattage. Every lamp will display a watt rating, which is a universal measurement for power. With regards to electric lamps and light bulbs, it denotes the amount of power they consume to convert electricity into light radiation, as well as in some cases the brightness of the lamp. However, it isn’t an exact science to understanding the brightness of a lamp as each style of lighting has varying efficiency levels in converting electricity into light. For example, LED lights that are now becoming increasingly popular, have a considerably lower watt consumption than even energy saving fluorescent bulbs, but still emit the same or more brightness.

This is why it’s often best to look for the lumens a light emits rather than the wattage, as this will give you a direct indication of the brightness the lamps will provide, thus you can avoid buying a lamp that gives you too little or too much light in a specific area.

Choosing the right lamps

When it comes to deciding on which are the best lamps to use for your light fittings, it’s always a good idea to check the light fixtures manufacturer guidelines first. Or seek professional advice, as some lamps may not be the most appropriate choice for certain light fittings or may require specialist lamps.

At Franklite, we offer a wide range of high quality light bulbs and lamps that are suitable for use in commercial and domestic light fittings. From traditional shaped energy saving bulbs like the 46W E27 clear glass light bulb , to the 18W Mini Twist Energy Saver and the 5.5W GU10 LED , our main aim is to provide our customers with exceptional lamps in all shapes and sizes that are energy efficient, high performance and long lasting, as well as appropriate for the light fittings in question.

If you’re finding it difficult to decipher which lamp or light bulb is right for your home, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, where we’ll make sure we find the right lamp to give you the perfect level of lighting in your home, whether it’s task lighting in your kitchen with GU10s or mood lighting in your living room with a dimmable 6W E27 GLS style bulb.

Our complete lamps and light bulbs range below is designed to give you as much choice as possible to find the right light bulb to help save you money on energy bills, and give you the right level of lighting in your home or commercial property.

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