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Franklite Lanterns

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At Franklite, we recognise that choosing the right style and design of lighting in your home or commercial premises can make all the difference to its look and feel. It isn’t just about illuminating a space, but about making a statement; and a fantastic way to do this is with lanterns. Whether you want an “oldie-worldie” feel in your dining room with a suspended lantern or a traditional style wall lantern for an outdoor light, at Franklite, we have a large collection of lanterns with so much to offer.

A Little Lantern History

Lanterns in some shape or form have been in use for thousands of years, with the earliest mention of a lantern dating back to the 300BC. Naturally, these would have been more rudimentary designs using some form of fire to illuminate them, but the principles still remain the same, as a lantern is used to encase a light source.

Traditionally many lanterns were used as portable lights, such as torches or signalling, as well as mounted lanterns that gave light to rooms and streets. A typical design used glass panes, but we mustn’t forget the Chinese lanterns, which use thing paper or silk instead of glass.

In the modern day, lanterns are still used in homes and as outdoor lights, but of course they use electricity to illuminate them rather than candles, oil or gas. However, the classic lantern designs still run through the modern concepts, with traditional designs like the Atrio 4 Light. These black lanterns are essentially suspended lights that feature four panes of glass in a black metal frame that hang from the ceiling giving a rustic feel. Whereas styles, like the Emberton 2 Light Wall Lantern have a more contemporary feel with this designs clean, cut rectangular shape.

Where To Use Lanterns

You can use lanterns in a variety of areas within your home, such as living rooms, dining rooms as well as for outdoor or garden lights. Depending on the style and bulbs you choose, they can provide a very effective light source for creating mood lighting.

With modern designs, many of the styles available are suspended lanterns, which work fantastically in rooms with high ceilings, although the wire length can be adjusted to hang the lamp higher or lower. However, if head height is an issue in smaller rooms, but you still like the idea of using lanterns, you can choose a wall lantern, such as the semi-hexagonal Emberton 2 Light Wall Lantern that comes in a choice of finishes.

As a rule, lanterns will work best in traditional or period style environments, especially older properties. That being said, there is no reason why you can’t team the old with the new, choosing sleek and minimalist décor finished with an eye catching metal lantern such as the Montpellier 6 Light Lantern.

Using lanterns in your home or commercial decoration theme can have numerous benefits providing you use them in the right areas. Lanterns tend to provide a softer, more diffused light source, which is why they work so well for mood lighting. Using them in restaurants, hotels, living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms will add an air of elegance and sophistication and make sure the light is suited to the occasion.

For all the inspiration you need, whether you want large lanterns, hanging lanterns or wall lanterns, you can find plenty of choice in our full lanterns range below.

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