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LED Light Bulbs

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Lighting in your home or business plays a crucial role in the look and feel of a space, which is why it’s incredibly important to choose your light fittings and light bulbs carefully. At Franklite, we offer an impressive selection of lighting solutions to suit everyone’s tastes. But with the world becoming a more environmentally conscious place and the cost of living rising, many people are looking for more eco-friendly and cost friendly solutions for lighting their homes, which is where our range of LED light bulbs offer the perfect solution.

While you may think of LED lights as those tiny red standby lights on your TV or scrolling LED signs, there is so much more to them than this. Using the latest technology, LED lights now offer a very cost effective and energy efficient way to light homes and businesses and they emit very little heat too, making them much safer than traditional light bulbs too. And at Franklite, we have a great selection of LED light fittings and light bulbs that have been produced as part of our FRANKled innovations that will give you plenty of design choice and flexibility, as well as quality.

Pretty Pendants

In fact, some of our prettiest light fixtures use LED light bulbs, combining stunning design with energy efficiency and practicality too. Designs like the Wisteria 12 Light Pendant, just shows how far LED technology has come, as you can have a gorgeous and elegant light fitting with a mass of glass crystal drops that is supplied with 33W G9 LED light bulbs that are also suitable for dimming. Ideal for living rooms, dining rooms and even luxurious bedrooms, lights like the Wisteria collection will add a wonderful centrepiece with unique lighting effects to any room, and the option to adjust the lighting to suit your mood, whether you want it bright for entertaining or dimmed for a cosy night in.

Feeling Flush

Another beautiful choice of lighting form our LED light bulbs range includes a variety of flush ceiling lights, which are great for use in smaller rooms or areas where there isn’t a huge amount of ceiling height. Styles like the Shimmer 6 Light can brighten up dark hallways, snug lounges and dinky dining rooms offering an attractive focal point at the same time. The delicate glass crystal drops hanging down from the chrome fitting give a pretty effect when illuminated, as well as a good level of lighting.

However, if you want more directive lighting in areas such as bedrooms and living rooms, the Spirelle 2 Light comes with 2.2W G9 LED light bulbs and a gorgeous swirl design that sits almost flush ceiling, but can also be used as a wall light if you’d prefer. Or the Studio spot light range supplied with GU10 LED light bulbs, can be a good addition to areas that need task lighting, such as kitchens or work areas, as you can adjust the direction of the lighting to where you need it the most.

Standalone Bulbs

While many of our LED light fixtures come supplied with LED light bulbs and it’s unlikely you’ll need to replace them any time soon, we do also stock a number of LED light bulbs that can be bought as replacements, as well as for use in standard light fixtures. Models like the E27 range are screw fit light bulbs that offer exceptional illumination and come in different watts ranges and the option of frosted or white glass; and are also suitable for use in dimmable light fittings. We also have LED spot lights, like the 5.5W MR16 for downlight fittings and candle LED light bulbs that can be used in chandelier or candelabra style light fittings.


Whatever look you’re going for with your lighting design, it’s clear that an LED light bulb can definitely do the job better and for longer than other light bulbs, even halogen ones.

Check out our full range of LED Light Bulbs below and find all the inspiration you need for cost effective and efficient lighting solutions, with a fantastic choice of designs too.

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