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LED Lights

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At Franklite, we are always striving to provide our customers with the best in lighting solutions; and with consumers becoming ever more conscious of their carbon footprint and the cost this can have on the environment and their pockets, many are opting for LED lights over standard lights to ensure they’re maximising savings.

This is where we can help, as at Franklite, we use the latest innovations in LED technology to manufacture our own range of quality, high performance FRANKled lights that combine fabulous aesthetics with energy efficiency and optimum illumination for a long lasting lighting solution.

With a huge selection of stunning LED lights on offer, lighting your home, hotel or office can be straightforward and cost effective.

Contemporary Creations

If modern interior design that’s slick, innovative and incredibly stylish is on your agenda, then look no further as many of the designs in our LED lights range are just that. Take the Frenzy range for example, which offers a choice of ceiling lamps and table lamps with a light bulb shape inspired design in clear glass that’s filled with curly decorative wire detailing for a beautiful effect. Used in your dining room either on or above the table, it will certainly add some interest and an unusual talking point to your interior design in the dining room or anywhere else for that matter.

Of course, if a quirky bare lightbulb look isn’t quite to your taste, why not take a look at the Styx pendant or flush light design, or maybe you might like the Hollo with its futuristic feel. Both designs make fantastic centrepieces, either hovering above a dining room table, taking centre stage in a living room or giving your bedroom a funky new look.

Gorgeous Glass

Minimalistic may not be what you’re looking for, but there’s plenty of pretty designs that use glass to great effect. With glass crystal drops, rods and more, you can create pretty illumination patterns on ceilings and walls that will definitely catch people’s eyes and with an LED light bulb powering them all, you can be safe in the knowledge that creating these effects won’t be a huge drain on your energy or pocket. For larger rooms like expansive dining rooms, hotel receptions and high ceiling lounges with classic décor, the Carillon 10 Light flush fitting is a stunning choice. The glass rods hanging downwards, perfectly reflect the light providing an elegant centrepiece to any room. 

Naturally, not everyone has the capacity to go for such a large light fixture, but smaller more delicate designs like the Illusion Small Pendant or the Spirelle offer pretty designs that can be used in a whole host of different environments, from bedrooms and living rooms with low ceilings to large hallways, dining rooms and studies.

Light Work With LEDs

There may also be other situations where you need your LED light to lend more towards the practical aspect of illumination for task lighting in offices, bedrooms and bathrooms, but this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style, as we have plenty of different designs available.

Just take the Wall Bracket light with LED reading light incorporated that’s ideal for bedside lighting in homes and hotels, as it combines the soft diffused light coming through the lamp shade with an additional adjustable LED reading light.

However, if you’re looking for bathroom lighting, you should always make sure you use the appropriate IP rated light fixtures to ensure the lights installed are safe for use in close proximity to water and moisture. You also need to be mindful that you use the correct IP ratings for each bathroom zone, as certain areas with a higher risk of water need higher ratings. For example, the IP44 LED Wall Light would be ideal for use in zones 1,2 and 3, which includes above the sink, bath or shower where there is no direct contact with water.

The same rules also apply with any exterior lighting, so if you’re looking to install lights outside your property, we have a choice of IP rated LED exterior lights, including wall lights and floodlights that can light up larger areas.

With so many different designs and uses to choose from, whether you’re looking for stylish and chic lighting for your living room or a funky desk lamp, at Franklite, you’re sure to find something that suits your style and budget. And you can guarantee that by choosing FRANKled light fitting and light bulbs, you’ll be getting quality, innovation and optimum performance that will prove to be a cost effective and energy efficient lighting solution.

Take a look at our complete collection of beautiful LED Lights right now to find something that completely complements your space.

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