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Lighting Shades

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A fantastic way to liven up your lighting is with a lampshade and at Franklite we have a beautiful collection of lighting shades available in a whole host of different colours, shapes and sizes. You can transform a standard light bulb fitting with any one of our light shades, but first of all find out a little more of how to choose the right shade and where to use them for the greatest effect.

Light Shades – The Basics

Lighting shades began being used when electric lighting was introduced in the late 19th century. Due to the brightness of the electrical light produced, a lampshade was placed over it to diffuse the light and make it less harsh. Some of the first lampshades made were from glass, such as Tiffany lampshades.

Light bulb shades generally consist of a metal frame that can be covered with a variety of different materials to cover the light bulb on a light fitting, working to soften and diffuse the light and often deflect the light direction down or upwards.

Modern lampshades come in a variety of different shapes including conical, cylindrical and square or rectangular, such as the Half Oblong Cream Shade. Whilst this style of lamp can be used for a wall-mounted light, there are also plenty of designs for pendant light fixtures and desktop styles, as well as the Small Candle Shade that can be used in multiples for traditional chandelier style fixtures too.

Where To Use Lighting Shades

Of course, much of where to use lampshades comes down to personal preference, but they work best in areas where you require soft and subtle lighting rather than task lighting. For example, you can make a wonderful style-piece in your living room with the Abstract Drum design that features a white lampshade inner with a cut-out decorative outer shade that creates a stunning lighting effects, whether you opt for a pendant or flush lighting fixture.

Alternatively, why not jazz up your bedroom with the Silver/Chrome Candle Shade. This lampshade with silver and chrome pattern will perfectly illuminate your bedroom without being too bright. It can give you just the right level of mood lighting you require, whether you’re getting ready for a night out or having a cosy night in.

Or perhaps you want to add a little colour to a bland hallway, in which case bright coloured light shades can work wonders to give a little character and personality to an ordinary area. Coloured light shades can work fantastically either as pendant fittings hanging from the ceiling or a well-placed desktop lamp on your hallway table, giving a welcoming and warm glow in your home.

If you’re using lampshades for your ceiling lighting, it’s always important to factor in head height. If you’re decorating a large room with high ceilings then you’re best to opt for larger light bulb shades with pendant styles, so they don’t look lost in a vacuous space. You can even have multiple lampshades if you have the room. However, for smaller spaces or those with low ceilings, choosing flush lighting with lampshades or wall-mounted lampshades may be a better solution, as you won’t encroach on head space, yet you’ll still have a stylish light source.

Whatever style you’re going for, take a look at our gorgeous lighting shades collection for all the inspiration you need.

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