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Living Room Lights

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As the heart of your home where you relax and socialise, your living room deserves to be fitted with just the right style of lighting. You not only want practical lighting to illuminate the room, but versatile and stylish light fittings that complement and enhance your décor, as well as create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

At Franklite , we have an impressive selection of living room lights that are specifically designed to bring out the best in your living room, making it a wonderful place to spend time.

Size Does Matter

When it comes to choosing your living room lighting, there are several things to consider. First of all is the size and height of your room. You may have grand designs for a stunning and elaborate chandelier like our Carousel Fitting , but the reality is this may not be a practical solution for a small or low ceiling room where you may find it more of an inconvenience than a pretty focal point. However, that isn’t to say you’re limited on options for smaller and low ceiling rooms, as at Franklite, we have lights to suit all shapes and sizes.

If you still fancy a pretty and decorative design with a chandelier style for a smaller room, why not consider decorative wall lighting instead. Take a look at our lovely Brocade Bracket Light or choose a smaller light fitting with a lampshade, such as our Abstract range, which come in different shapes and colours like this stunning Flush Abstract Laser Cut in Black

For those with larger spaces and higher ceilings there are plenty of traditional and contemporary designs on offer too, where you can get inspired and locate a light fitting that perfectly complements your own unique style. From gothic styles in the Cawdor Light range to vintage chic like the Pasillo Lanterns , to pretty and contemporary designs like the Campani 6 light or more traditional Alba designs , you’ll find plenty of choice to take your fancy.

Setting the mood

Whilst size and height, along with personal style and décor play a big role in choosing your living room lights, so should the type of mood you want to create. For many of us, the lighting in a living room should be low light that creates a relaxing and warm atmosphere. Other rooms in the house such as bathrooms and kitchens require brighter lights for better visibility, whereas your living room is a place to sit back and cosy up, so subtle mood lighting is more on the agenda.

This is where fitting different kinds of lighting in your living room can help. For example, for those times where you need a brighter light for family games or chatting with friends you can install a bright central ceiling light, but for those more intimate times, why not have additional wall lights, so you can have a softer light around the room. You can even add dimmer switches for extra versatility.

Other great ways to give flexibility to your living room lighting is with floor and table lamps, whether you opt for a funky design such as the Campani 3 light Standard Lamp , where you can redirect the light to different areas or you prefer smaller traditional table lamps for reading a book like our Hugo Table Lamp and Shade .

Added Extras

Our huge range of living room lights also includes SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) lights , which use a lower voltage and an isolated circuit for additional safety with lighting. However, these added safety features, doesn’t have mean a compromise on style or function, as our range of SELV lights includes stunning spot lights in classic and elaborate designs featuring crystal, as well as floor lamps, table lamps and downlighters.

In addition, we also stock a number of Double Insulated Lights , which are specifically designed for use in older properties, where most houses pre 1970 were fitted with 2-core cables, which don’t have the earth wire built in. Whilst these are safe according to current regulations and can be fitted with normal light fittings without connecting the earth wire, they really should be fitted with Double Insulated Lights for better safety. Double Insulated Light fittings are equipped with double coating insulation on the live wires and are set up so the live elements of the light fitting are as far away from the casing to minimise the risk of them becoming live. It’s these additional safety features that make them the right choice for older properties for extra peace of mind.

Whatever style you have in mind or type of property you need to furnish, our extensive range of living room lights will definitely satisfy your needs. Why not check out the full range of living room lights below for all the inspiration you need.

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