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Low Energy Lights

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For many in the UK, rising energy prices have seen a shift in the types of light bulbs installed in homes and commercial premises, which is where Low Energy Lights are becoming an increasingly popular choice for lighting solutions.

At Franklite , we have a vast selection of Low Energy Lights to satisfy all your requirements, be it for your living room or your restaurant or retail outlet. Our extensive range of Low Energy Lighting offers customers a choice of stylish and practical light fittings that use low energy bulbs for better efficiency and cost.

What are Low Energy Lights?

With the UK government and much of Europe now phasing out inefficient standard light bulbs, light manufacturers are now adapting their production to incorporate low energy lights that are better for the environment and consumers. But what are Low Energy Lights?

Well, they are light fittings which use a different type of bulb to ensure better efficiency and energy usage, without compromising on the illumination. There are two main types of low energy light bulbs available in the UK that can be found in standard light fittings and downlighters, as well as spotlights - Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).

CFLs are incredibly cost-effective using up to 75-80% less electricity to illuminate than traditional light bulbs and will last much longer too. CFLs work by gas in a glass tube being charged with electricity, which glows to emit light. CFLs are mostly used with standard lights and downlighters and currently aren’t widely available for spotlights.

LEDs are small individual lights that emit a small amount of light through a one-way electrical current, which is what makes them so efficient. They use 90% less electricity than normal light bulbs and will last up to 50 times longer. Whilst one LED doesn’t emit huge amounts of light, in domestic and commercial lighting, a large number of LEDs are used in bulbs to increase the brightness of the illumination. LEDs are commonly found in spotlights and dimmable lights, but can also be used for downlighters too.

What are the Benefits of Low Energy Lights?

The main benefit of using Low Energy Lights is the savings you’ll make on energy consumption, lowering your electricity bills. With CFLs and LEDs using considerably lower amounts of electricity to emit light, you’ll find that replacing standard or halogen light bulbs with either of these bulbs could bring significant yearly savings on your electricity bills and even more over the lifetime of the bulbs. Whilst many low energy lights will cost more in the initial outlay, they do in fact offer great value for money as they last much longer than ordinary bulbs, so your costs for replacement will also be lowered.

Where to use them?

With the increase in availability for low energy lights, you’ll find plenty of places where they can be used to great effect. In domestic residences, they can be used in almost any room in the property and will offer suitable illumination for living rooms, kitchens, hallways and bathrooms. Although, with bathrooms you will need to make sure the light fittings have the appropriate IP ratings.

A great way to give additional light in your kitchen or bathroom, without wasting energy is to replace halogen spotlights with LED low energy light fittings, like the Studio 4 Light Spot . Not only will you have the flexibility to adjust the lighting to where you need it most, but they will still give off the right amount of light, but use far less energy in the process.

Low Energy Lights can also be used in commercial environments too, and with many commercial premises requiring large lighting systems, they can prove to be extremely cost effective. Products like the Rectangular Flush EL18 , offer a great lighting unit for retail outlets, offices and hotels using LED bulbs for high efficiency. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something with a little more panache and elegance for a restaurant, bar or boutique then we have plenty of styles like the Flush Carillon 600m LED , which makes for a great centrepiece in commercial and domestic establishments.

A Style for Everyone

With Franklite, you will find a huge selection of light fitting styles that are suitable for low energy lights. From flush and standard downlighters, to wall lights and spots, we have plenty to offer that will tick all the boxes for style, efficiency and excellent value for money.

Browse our full range below and find the perfect low energy light fittings for your home or your commercial premises.

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