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Modern Lighting

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With the Franklite modern lighting collection you’ll find a broad selection of lighting styles to suit the modern home. If you’re passionate about modern home design and décor then you’re sure to find the perfect modern lights for you, whether you want purely contemporary or a wonderful blend of classic styles with a modern twist.

What is Modern Lighting?

You may be wondering exactly what is classed as modern lighting, as surely anything that has been made in the last 20 years or so and uses electricity could be considered “modern”. Whilst this view is partially correct, when it comes to interior design and home décor, the different styles are often categorised to make defining a particular genre or style simpler. Thus, you’ll find modern lights is a term widely used to refer to lighting solutions that embrace modern trends and innovations, such as clean, symmetrical lines, ovals and circles or abstract designs.

This doesn’t necessarily mean they leave the old influences behind entirely, but they tend to have a contemporary slant that makes them more modern than classic by definition. A case in point is the Brocade 8 Light Fitting. This gorgeous chandelier style has all the markings of a traditional French-style chandelier, but the use of modern materials such as chrome, teamed with crystals and modern light bulbs brings it very much into the 21st Century.

Where To Use Modern Lighting

For those who adore modern design, modern lighting is definitely the right choice for you; and as discussed it doesn’t mean you can’t combine old with the new either. You can create fantastic statement pieces in your home with modern lighting that is eye-catching and gives you the flexibility to adjust the mood in a room for different occasions.

For modern dining room lighting or living room lighting, why not combine modern ceiling lamps, with the same style wall lights, like this pretty Eros flush light and wall light style. Giving you a gorgeous centrepiece above the table whilst entertaining or a more subtle lighting throughout the room for after-dinner drinks.

As an alternative to flush lighting, for those who have good ceiling height, you can opt for pendant of semi-flush lighting. Designs such as the Campani 6 Light, can make a lovely focal point in a bedroom, living room or even as directive lighting in a kitchen and bathroom. Wherever you choose to locate it, this contemporary design is sure to impress.

Another great use for modern lighting is with floor lamps and table lamps. The sleek and stylish designs work incredibly well in providing additional light exactly where you need it in any room in your home, be it your bedroom, nursery, living room or hallway. With modern LED lighting like this LED Mother & Child Floor Lamp, you can have the benefits of diffused up-lighting with the flexibility of adjustable task lighting and a light source that’s energy and cost efficient.

With such an impressive collection available, you’re sure to find modern lighting that will bring contemporary design and illumination to your home.

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