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Multi-arm Lights

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Whether you’re looking to update your living room or light an entire hotel lobby, at Franklite we have a huge selection of lighting solutions available, which include multi-arm ceiling lights.

This type of lighting offers exceptional style, sophistication and illumination at every level. And with such a wide choice of designs and styles on offer at Franklite, from the vintage through to modern day, you’re guaranteed to find a light that you love.

Why Choose Multi-Arm Ceiling Lights?

A multi-arm ceiling light is typically a pendant or semi-flush light fitting for indoor lights that will hang down from the ceiling featuring multiple light bulbs. These lights will be positioned on different arms that extend from a central point of the light fitting. It can be something as simple as 3 arm ceiling light with one light on the end of each arm, like the Decima 3 Light Up EL13 or it can be as opulent and extravagant as the stunning Delft 32 Light Fitting.

Regardless of what design and the number of lights you go for, there is something about a multi-arm ceiling light that just screams opulence and style. Not only that, but they’re a very effecting way of lighting larger areas, whether it’s in your dining room and living room at home or in a hotel lobby, restaurant or retail outlet.

Beyond the great illumination, they also offer a wonderful focal point, whether you have them as a standalone piece or in multiples. They will draw the eye in at every given opportunity, whilst still delivering on the practical aspects of lighting too.

Style Options

Of course, your lighting has to fit in with the rest of your design aesthetics and the functionality of the room, and with multi-arm ceiling lights you’ll find a huge variety for style options and specifications. With simple 3 and 5 arm light fittings like the Twista range that also comes with 8 lights and a choice of finishes, you can add a pretty dimension to contemporary interior design. Plus, as these are semi-flush ceiling lights, they can also be used effectively in smaller, lower ceiling rooms as bedroom lights or living room lights.

However, if you really want to make a statement and you have the ceiling height, then bigger is better when it comes to multi-arm ceiling lights. With a 10 arm ceiling light, like the Aphrodite 10 Light Fitting, you can have a traditional ‘candle’ style design with all the mod-cons of G4 halogen lamps and dimming capabilities to adjust the lighting to suit the mood.

But if ultra-modern is what you’re looking for then the Bobble 4 Light Fitting could be just what you’re looking for. With 4 adjustable spot lights, you can direct the light to enhance certain areas of a room and have an unusual lighting piece in the process.

It’s fair to say that whatever your style and specifications, there is plenty at Franklite to inspire you; from the sleek and modern all the way through to traditional chandeliers.
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