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Outdoor Lighting

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Whatever type of building you own, outdoor lighting adds security and greatly improves the appearance of a property. Whether you’re looking for decorative lights in your garden or security lights that benefit those accessing your property in the dark, outdoor lighting can really come into its own if you choose the right product for your needs.

Outdoor Lighting for the Garden

Exterior lighting can be used in a variety of different locations outside a building. In gardens, lights can be used to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Examples such as a Nerezza Exterior Wall Bracket can create the opportunity to eat al fresco or to relax in the warm summer evenings. Another way you could use outdoor lights would be on the decking – spotlights could be installed to create an area to unwind in after a long day at work. In addition to this, bollards including the Terran Exterior Bollard and lamp posts like the Sera Exterior can be used as decorative features or to highlight particular areas in the garden such as attractive plants, shrubs or water features.

Welcoming light no matter what the weather

Front door lighting creates an inviting atmosphere and adds both a welcoming warmth and assistance to those getting home in the dark. The Rotonda Exterior Wall Bracket or Lorenz Exterior 340mm Exterior Flush are the ideal light fixtures to welcome you home in style, allowing you to easily locate your keys and get in quickly – especially handy when the weather is bad.

Dotting light fixtures on paths and driveways is another effective way of using lights to guide visitors to your front door – as not all front doors are visible from the road. The Lorenz Exterior Half-Post or Nerezza Exterior Lamp-Post can keep people from wandering off the beaten path and on to your lawn, and it can also help guide drivers onto your driveway without damaging the borders. Exterior wall lights can also be mounted outside a property or building for security reasons.. Some lights even have variable distance, allowing you to direct how far the light shines.

The benefits of outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting has numerous benefits, and not only does it help to bring your garden to life but it’s a great deterrent to unwelcome visitors and creates extra security for your home. Franklite has a range of outdoor lights, including the Emberton 2 light wall Lantern that has vandal resistant lenses, making it difficult to stamp out the light. We also offer many exterior lights like the Nocturn Adjustable SpotIP54, which comes with sensors that detect movement in the darkness. Known as a remote passive infra-red unit these fixtures can also alert you to breaches of security on your property in a variety of different ways. Lights that surround the front door can help make visitors feel welcome and can really help when it comes to finding keys and opening doors, and as many of our exterior lights come with energy efficient bulbs, they can also be incredibly cost effective.

Outside Lighting you can trust

All of the Outside lighting supplied by Franklite is constructed from the highest quality materials such as copper, stainless steel high quality plastics, brass and cast aluminium. This enables the light fixtures to withstand the elements over a longer period of time. As we know not all lighting fits all purposes, we can also provide guidance and support helping you to choose the lights that are right for you. Simply browse our range or get in touch to find out more about our range of Outside Lights.
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