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Pendant Lighting

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Franklite have a large choice of suspended pendant lighting available for you to choose from. Click here to find lights and fittings to suit you.

Lighting in your home or commercial premises is a big deal. The right style of lighting can make a real statement and focal point, transforming a room from a dimly lit space into a brightly illuminated and welcoming area. There are numerous ways to add light and style into your rooms, but one of the most effective ways is through Decorative Pendant Lighting.

At Franklite, we offer an impressive range of Decorative Pendant Lighting that covers everything from elaborate multiple light chandeliers, like the Empress 6 Light Fitting , to simplistic single light pendant fittings such as this Pendant with Opal Sphere .

What Are Pendant Lights?

But first of all, let’s clarify what pendant lights actually are. Pendant lights are single light fixtures that hang from the ceiling by a cord, metal rod or chain. They are probably one of the most common light fittings found in most homes used for a wide range of purposes, including general lighting and decorative pieces. Whilst they are considered a single light fixture, they come in numerous different styles and can incorporate one single light or feature multiple lights, such as chandeliers or strip spot lights.

Where to Use Pendant Lighting

This versatility gives them great scope for use as decorative lighting in living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and bedrooms in domestic properties, where they can enhance lighting in a room. For example, a common use of pendant lighting is with multiple lights hung in a straight line above kitchen work units for better illumination whilst working, or hung as single or multiple lights directly above dining room tables to act as a focal point for the room, as well as effective lighting.

Pendant Lighting also has excellent uses in commercial situations too. Multiple pendant lighting works brilliantly in hotels, restaurants, bars and retail units, where you may want to be more creative with lighting to create a unique and intimate atmosphere. Multiple pendant lights also have a particularly great effect in large spaces or rooms, where you need a greater amount of light in the area, a perfect and stylish solution would be the Tableau 5 Light Fitting or the Tierney 10 Light Spreader .

The Key to Successful Pendant Lighting

The key to successfully using decorative pendant lighting in your home or commercial residence is to choose the right style of lighting to suit your existing or new décor and the size and dimensions of the room. The benefits of pendant lighting is that they’re flexible and come in all types of shapes, sizes and designs that can be used in a many different situations. This means you’re sure to find the right pendant lighting to suit your needs, but here’s a couple of things to consider before you take the plunge.

Room Size & Ceiling Height – how big your room or commercial space is, along with the ceiling height can play a big role in the type of lighting you can accommodate. Smaller rooms or those with lower ceilings, generally don’t require as much light, so a smaller pendant light fitting with a short cord or rod should suffice. However, this can be a single multiple light, depending on your personal preferences – we love the Marquesa 3 Light Pendant with its opulent and contemporary design that works perfectly in small rooms. For larger rooms, there’s more scope for larger more elaborate decorative pendant lights like the Wisteria 15 Light Pendant

- Decorative Style – Other factors that will affect your choice of pendant lighting will include your decorative style. At Franklite we stock contemporary, classic, vintage, rustic and period designs with a wide choice of finishes that will suit almost any decorative taste and property. All you need to do is decide on the right style that matches your decorative taste, be it modern or traditional.

With decorative pendant lighting, the possibilities for dressing and illuminating your home are endless. Whether you want single or multiple lighting above your dining room table that can be found within the Vetross Suspension range for the perfect lighting for family dinners, or you want traditional and elegant styles like the Piazza 6 Light Pendant for your living room, Franklite have it all.

Take a closer look at our complete Decorative Pendant Lighting Range and find just the light you’re looking for.

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