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Picture Lights

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When it comes to your interior décor, many people choose pictures, paintings or artwork on the walls to add colour, depth and life to a room, whether it’s in your home or a commercial property. However, to ensure your paintings, posters or wall displays are showcased to their full potential you may look to installing picture lights that will highlight and enhance their beauty. At Franklite, we offer a wide range of LED picture lights that are specifically designed to effectively light up your wall art, bringing your pictures to life.

What Are Picture Lights?

If you’ve ever visited an art gallery with paintings mounted on the wall, you may well have noticed the lightings that accompany the paintings, casting light downwards or upwards to great effect. These are known as picture lights or art lighting, which are designed to illuminate paintings, even in well-lit rooms.

With picture lights, the light fittings and bulbs are specially produced and positioned to ensure the light doesn’t cast shadows onto a painting, with many using LED bulbs so the heat produced by the light doesn’t cause any damage to the pieces themselves. Picture frame lights come in a wide range of sizes and styles, from contemporary designs like the LED Uplighter/Picture Light to the more classic brass picture lights.

Positioning Picture Lights

As the name suggests picture lights should be positioned above or below a picture, depending on the style of lighting and effect you’re going for. Whether it’s a framed film poster, original oil painting or a family photo, the exact positioning of the light should be given careful consideration. You want to make sure it sheds the greatest amount of light over the pieces and brings out the specific elements in the artwork. There should be sufficient room between the ceiling and picture or the floor and picture to allow the wall picture lights to do what they do best.

In addition you want to make sure you have the right size lighting to match your picture. A small light such as the Picture Light 280mm over a large picture definitely wouldn’t do it justice, whereas the Picture Light 630mm should give sufficient lighting across the entire picture.

However, beyond this, display lights can be used in a whole host of areas within your home or commercial properties. It isn’t just art galleries and stately homes that can benefit from using picture lights; many people choose to have them in their homes as part of their living room lights to highlight specific wall decoration or in some cases as bedroom lights. They also work incredibly well as hallway lights in homes, along with hotels, restaurants and offices, as these areas are often dimly lit. Adding illuminated artwork can give additional light, as well as an interesting decorative feature.


The benefits of using LED picture lighting to highlight your artwork, whether it’s in your home or your business, will ensure that your décor definitely won’t go unnoticed, while also adding depth and light to the room. At Franklite, we have a wide range of LED Lights for pictures and more that will give you all the inspiration and illumination you need.

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