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Safety Extra Low Voltage Lights

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When it comes to choosing the right lighting for a room, there are certain areas in your home or workplace where specific lighting is required for additional safety purposes. This is true for areas such as bathrooms and outdoor lighting where moisture is an additional factor to take into account.

What Are SELV Lights?

This is where SELV lighting comes into play. SELV Lighting or Safety Extra Low Voltage Lighting, has been specifically designed for additional safety in areas where there are more risk factors, such as moisture. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to be limited on where you use them or on design choice. With Franklite , we have a number of SELV Lighting designs that offer safe and stylish solutions for lighting in bathrooms, outdoors and other areas in homes and workplaces.

SELV Lighting can significantly reduce the risk of an electric shock, as the voltage running through the light is extra low and considerably less than a standard light. The design of a SELV light usually involves an isolated transformer, which prevents contact from higher voltage sources, as well as no earth, which means there is no return path for an electric current should it come into contact with the human body, which is what makes it so much safer.

Where SELV Lighting should be used

SELV lighting can in fact be used anywhere in your home or commercial environment, but typically they are used in areas where there is moisture, as this automatically increases the risk of potential electrical shocks. In the UK, bathroom and outdoor lighting is traditionally SELV Lighting, due to the increased exposure to water, steam and general moisture in these areas.

When embarking on a bathroom renovation, it’s worth knowing that the bathroom is divided into zones 0, 1 and 2 for lighting, which will determine the type of lighting you can use in each. For Zone 0, this means any light fitting that may be submerged under water and requires an IP67 rating, however for zones 1 and 2, IP44 lights should have sufficient enough water resistance to comply with building regulations, but you can opt for higher IP65, in areas where there is an increased exposure to water.

Many SELV lighting comes in the form of spots or down-lighters, which are commonly used in bathrooms as they offer a good light source that can be fitted in numerous locations throughout the area and can fit flush to the ceiling for a clean and practical look, like the LV 50W Tilt Downlighter . However, you can also opt for more elaborate designs such as the LV 50W Crystal Downlighter , which can be used in all bathroom areas, accept Zone 0.

The Benefits of SELV Lighting

The main benefit of using SELV Lighting in high risk areas such as bathrooms or outdoors is the safety aspect. Having extra-low voltage will considerably reduce the risks of electrical shocks, but also the nature of the isolated circuits means that if there should be a malfunction, the problem should be isolated to that specific light and not affect other areas. In addition, you will have added peace of mind that the lighting you are using is compliant with UK building regulations and as safe as possible.

For more designs and inspiration, see what our complete SELV Lighting range has on offer.

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