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Semi flush Lighting

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If you’re looking to add the perfect illumination to your home or commercial premises then ensuring you choose the right types of light to suit your style and the space you’re working with is key. At Franklite, we offer a wide range of lighting solutions that includes semi flush lights.

What Are Semi Flush Lights?

Semi Flush Lights are a variation of lighting from Flush Lights. They have a mounting that connects flush to the ceiling surface, however they have a decorative element that usually hangs slightly lower from the central point. A great example of semi-flush lighting is the Asti 3 Light Semi Flush, which has a central mount with three arms that span from this point, hanging lower. However, if you prefer more modern indoor lights, then something like the Campani 6 Light Semi Flush could be just what you’re looking for.

Where to Use Semi Flush Lights

When it comes to deciding what types of lighting to use where, semi flush lights can offer an incredibly versatile solution, as they have all the practicalities of flush lighting that can be used effectively in areas with low ceilings. But they also offer the ornate and decorative features of pendant lights such as chandeliers, which work so well in larger areas, meaning you can use it in either very effectively.

Either way with a semi-flush light you can have the best of both worlds that can be used in virtually any room in your home or commercial property. If you want to create a pretty lighting effect in your lounge, then living room lights like the Empress 6 Light combines delicate glass crystals with a lampshade for a boutique feel, all without impacting too much on your ceiling height. In contrast, for simple and practical kitchen lights that give you the perfect level of lighting for food preparation and cooking, the Lutina 4 Light Ceiling Spot is a semi-flush light that will deliver on function and aesthetics, with a sleek design and adjustable light positioning.

The other areas where semi-flush lights work really well are in smaller rooms or as hallway lights, as many of the modern designs use fluorescent light bulbs, which give off a great deal of light and offer a very cost-effective lighting solution as they last longer. Choosing designs like the Twista 5 Light Fitting that comes in a choice of finishes, will not only make a lovely focal point in a small room, but won’t be as over-bearing as a traditional pendant light.

Plus with the use of the correct light fittings that must have an IP44 or above rating, such as the Bathroom 5 Light Fitting, many semi-flush lights can also be used in the bathroom, giving you just the right amount of light in one of the most important rooms in your home and style to match.

The whole concept behind semi-flush lights is to offer a greater choice for areas where the size or height of a room may be a concern. With so many fantastic and elaborate designs at Franklite, from contemporary designs like the Hexx 5 Light to more vintage styles like the Ripple 5 Light Ceiling Light, you can transform any room without having to make size an issue at all.
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