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Suspended Lights

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At Franklite, we recognise that lighting is about more than just illuminating a room. With modern lighting it’s about creating a focal point just as much as it is a practical solution for lighting. This is why we offer a diverse selection of light fixtures, which includes Suspended Lights.

With suspended lights, you can create the illusion of a floating luminaire and with so many stunning designs, shapes and sizes to choose from you’re sure to find the perfect suspended light to suit your property.

Suspended Lights – The Basics

It seems that in the lighting world there are numerous different names for what can seem to be the same style of light fixture, however there are little differences that give them each their individual traits.

Suspended or suspension lights belong in the pendant light family, where they have a single mount that attaches to the ceiling surface with a light fitting that hangs down beneath this. With suspension lights the mounting is generally small with a much larger light fitting hanging below it from a cord, rod, wire or flex, which makes the light fixture appear to be suspended in the air.

Location is Key

If you’re looking at suspended lights in your home, it’s best to know where they work well. This is typically in rooms with high ceilings, as you want the light fixture to hang without impeding on head height in the process. If you have a high ceilings in your living room, hallway, bedroom or dining room they can offer a wonderful focal point, whilst also providing good illumination to a larger area.

Having said that, there are also instances where suspended lights can work well with lower ceilings, such as hanging them above a dining room table. As you will be sat down and it’s unlikely you’ll walk directly under it, it can make a fabulous centrepiece for even the smallest of dining rooms. Why not take a look at designs like the Tableau 5 Light Fitting or Twista 5 Light Rise & Fall for larger tables. These sit low over the table, bringing light to all aspects of your dining experience, as well as a stunning accent piece. If you’re working with a smaller or round table the Tizzy 3 Light Spreader makes for a pretty dining decoration to illuminate your culinary delights.

Get Creative

The great thing about suspended lighting is that it allows you to get very creative with your interior design, whether you choose elaborate designs such as the Charisma 4 Light Fitting or you go for something a little understated such as the Dysk 4 Light Pendant.

The key to effectively using suspended lighting is choosing the right style and design that is going to offer you the best illumination and style. When choosing suspended lighting, always remember to factor in ceiling height, unless you’re going for the above a table idea, but also think of the rest of the interior design in a room. With contemporary décor, choose a contemporary suspended light design, such as Horologica Lights, that will complement the look and feel of the room. However, for more traditional interior design, you may be better sticking to simple or classic styles like the Petrushka.

To find your perfect lighting solution, take a look at the complete collection of suspended lights from Franklite.
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